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About Bitdefender

Bitdefender is the first security platform that unifies hardening, prevention, detection, response and services across endpoint, network and cloud.  

Endpoint Protection

Increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks coupled with increasingly complex and mobile endpoints causes companies to fall behind. Rethink endpoint security with Bitdefender and free up your IT team to work on projects to help your business.

Trinity University Case Study

Listen as Trinity University Systems Administrator Joe Hatch outlines the reasons for choosing Bitdefender to protect their virtual environment.

GravityZone Business Security Enterprise

The unified GravityZone Ultra Plus security agent leverages 30+ layers of advanced technologies to block advanced threats and help organizations avoid costly breaches.

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GravityZone Business Security Premium

GravityZone Elite safeguards your organization from the full spectrum of sophisticated cyber threats. 

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GravityZone XDR

Detect, discover, hunt, and respond across your organization. Proven prevention, and extended attack surface coverage with GravityZone XDR. GravityZone XDR is built on the top of world-class endpoint prevention controls across multiple sensors, including endpoints, identity, network, cloud and productivity applications. 

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service

Bitdefender Managed Detection & Response provides 24/7 security monitoring, advanced attack prevention, detection and response.

Archdiocese Case Study

IT leadership determined that a managed detection and response solution would help reduce IT operational costs and deliver improved stability.

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What is MDR?

MDR is a comprehensive and integrated service package that offers protection based on these three pillars.

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Modern MDR Services

Bitdefender delivers advanced attack prevention and remediation around the clock so you don’t have to. 

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The Future of Cybersecurity | Bitdefender MDR

Learn about Bitdefender’s new Managed Detection and Response service and how MDR can help your organization raise its security game by closing visibility gaps.

Virtualization Security with GravityZone

Secure Your Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

Get 360 degrees of threat visibility and increase your cyber resilience with Bitdefender GravityZone.

GravityZone Security for Virtualized Environments

High performance security for hybrid and multi-cloud environments GravityZone is built from the ground up for virtualization and cloud to deliver business security services to physical endpoints, mobile devices, virtual machines in private, public cloud and Exchange mail servers.

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Cloud Workload Protection

In cloud and hybrid environments, traditional security tools struggle with resource consumption, escalating costs and complexity. You need a cloud workload protection platform designed for today’s cloud realities.

With proven high performance in both public and private clouds, automated provisioning and deep integration with cloud technologies, you have the scalable, uninterrupted protection that today’s cloud workloads demand.

Email Security

With GravityZone Email Security organizations benefit from complete business email protection that goes beyond malware and other traditional threats such as spam, viruses, large-scale phishing attacks and malicious URLs.

Introducing Bitdefender GravityZone Email Security

GravityZone Email Security stops modern, targeted and sophisticated email threats including Business Email Compromise (BEC) and CEO fraud.

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Tech Alliances

VDI and Application Virtualization Done Right

Nutanix, Citrix and Bitdefender help organizations realize the full potential of VDI with an efficient, scalable and secure solution designed to maximize the return on infrastructure investment.

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Bitdefender Key Technology Alliances

Bitdefender® is a proud partner to many major virtualization vendors, including Pivotal, VMWare, Nutanix, AWS, Critrix and Microsoft. Their expertise allows your teams to set up a secure ecosystem with these popular vendors.

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Built on Nutanix, Protected by Bitdefender

GravityZone is to security what Nutanix is to infrastructure. Built from the ground up for the hyperconverged data center, GravityZone helps ensure compliance while reducing operating costs.

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Securing VMware Cloud on AWS with Bitdefender GravityZone

A VMware-Ready solution from Bitdefender (a VMware Elite Partner), GravityZone has been fully validated on VMware Cloud on AWS. 

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