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The Process of Streamlining Your Infrastructure

Infrastructure automation, simplification and standardization improve deployment consistency and support shared service models. SDx helps organizations address improvements but requires a comprehensive approach to enterprisewide implementation to ensure streamlined outcomes and more efficient, productive utilization.

A Guide to Working with CDW on Your SDx Solution


The Process

Bottom-up infrastructure-centric:

  • Individuals and departments writing scripts to automate technology-specific tasks.
  • Turning to technology-specific infrastructure automation tools/engines including network, SAN, and system and virtual machine deployment and configuration.

Top-down application/service-centric:

  • Cloud management platforms.
  • A focus on service delivery and service lifecycle.
  • Automated CI/CD.
  • Application modeling for multicloud deployments.
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The Journey

  • Advise: Advisory workshop to determine problem.
  • Assess: Adoption assessment to align with goals and determine how to get started.
  • Implement: JumpStart implementation to assist in navigating path and reaching goals.
  • Adopt: Customization and optimization to identify additional success opportunities.
  • Manage: Remote managed services to assist with solution upkeep and maintenance.

The Services

  • Advisory Workshop: Half-day intro workshop with roadmap.
  • Adoption Assessment: Advanced user stories planning workshop with toolchain analysis and recommendations.
  • JumpStart: Automation and orchestration platform rapid implementation focused on delivering a production-ready system using real use cases.
  • Customization and optimization: Functionality extension, customization of an existing solution and implementation of additional use cases and user stories, post-JumpStart.
  • Managed services: For ongoing post-implementation break/fix support of platforms.
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Next step: Give us a call to get started with SDx.

Strategic Direction

We help you align business and technology goals to ensure your project is successful from beginning to end.

Specialized Services

We provide you with support for every part of your journey:

Professional Services 
Managed Services

Discover how CDW can help you embrace software-defined everything.

Contact your account manager, or give us a call.


Discover how CDW can help you embrace software-defined everything.

Contact your account manager, or give us a call.

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