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February 28, 2022

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Are you ready for the next progression in digital work?

Prepare to reinforce your digital work strategy

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As employees continue to return to the office or work remotely, organizations are laying the groundwork to support the future of work and new working models. Use this checklist to help ensure you’re prepared to embrace a digital work structure that supports the reality of how employees now function in the office and at home.

Key Considerations for a Successful Digital Work Approach

Have you evaluated your employee mix?

Have you identified your employee mix in terms of types of workers — road warriors, in-office only, remote or hybrid? To fit the needs of your organization, have you been thinking about how each type of employee works, where they’ll be and what they need to succeed? Do you have a plan to ensure work flexibility for all employees while supporting seamless collaboration and productivity?

How do you intend to invest in both office space and work-from-home environments?

Given office space now extends to the home, do you have a plan to address employee home offices? Are you prepared to onboard new employees to a hybrid, digital or remote work environment? Are you able to provide employees with technology they can use in both spaces, including new headsets to replace older ones whose batteries have failed, voice- and video-enabled technology, dual-screen setups, collaboration tools, and networking and security to support E911 for home and mobile users?

Is your office completely video-enabled?

Can your employees go into any office space and seamlessly use video to support employee engagement and help remote users feel connected? Are your video solutions easy to use and do they integrate with your newly defined workflows? Do you have a well-established team collaboration environment?

Are you prepared to address employee safety?

Are your conference rooms equipped with wireless share and touchless join? Are your employees able to control meetings and content from their personal devices? Have you invested in equipment to monitor air quality? Do you have technology that can perform people counts and alert you when areas are over capacity? Have you invested in zero exit activities that lock down rooms post-use for cleaning? Can your network support mass notifications?

Have you factored hoteling spaces into your new office workflows?

Do you have a system in place for workers to easily find and reserve hoteling space and conference rooms? Do you have the right wayfinding software to help them locate their work area? Will your network allow workers to log in to the space via mobile devices? Do you have all the technologies workers will need to be successful?

Are you prepared to leverage analytics to match office setup with new ways of working?

Are you in a position to benefit from reporting on all the ways workers now work, including calls, messages and meetings? Can you glean data insights to understand how workers are using the office differently, identify patterns and then use that data to redesign the office to better meet user needs? Can you tell if you have too much or too little office, conference or hoteling space?

Are your wired and wireless networks ready to support a return to office?

As workers and their devices come back to the office, are you prepared for how they’ll use the network differently? With wireless more prevalent, are you ready to redesign your network to accommodate that shift? Will you have sufficient connectivity and access to applications in the cloud? Does your network foundation require a refresh after going unused for two years? Are you prepared to ensure the office experience matches the home experience workers are now used to?

Embracing digital work takes a thoughtful approach. Let us help you get it right. Contact your Account Team or give us a call.


Embracing digital work takes a thoughtful approach. Let us help you get it right. Contact your Account Team or give us a call.