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Small Business Server Room Essentials

Although cloud-based infrastructure is ubiquitous, there are advantages to keeping a server room on premise. Small businesses may prefer to keep their hardware in-house for greater oversight of security, data backups and maintenance. Here are some tips to help get your server room up and running.

Use rack-mounted servers. Many new businesses store their servers wherever they have space, piling them on desks or shelves, but this can damage equipment. Instead, buy rack-mountable servers and store in a well-ventilated place to protect your hardware.

Maximize your server budget. Small businesses with less than 10 employees may consider a budget-friendly network attached storage (NAS) server. Easy to operate, these servers provide basic backup, file sharing and remote-access capabilities. 

Stay cool. Storing servers and networking equipment in a confined space can increase power costs and even damage equipment. Be sure to use rack cooling fans and air conditioners alongside ample ventilation to protect your investment.        

Get organized. It’s easy for a server room to become a tangle of Ethernet cables, and performing basic maintenance or fixes is complicated by unlabeled equipment. Invest in a patch panel and cable ties to keep wires under control, and label each rack or server with descriptive names and IP addresses.

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