The Need for Effective Incident Response

From simplistic phishing attacks to malware developed by sophisticated nation-state actors, organizations face an unprecedented array of threats and growing concern over the potential impact a security incident might have on their operations. Building a strong, capable cybersecurity incident response program creates resilience against these threats.

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We Get Incident Response Is Critical to Cybersecurity

Concentrating solely on perimeter defenses is no longer sufficient to thwart today’s cybersecurity threats. A comprehensive incident response approach requires defense-in-depth techniques. CDW can help strengthen your incident response and offers components to support success.   

Checklist: Enhance your security protocols

Roadmap: Improve your incident response


Preparation is the first phase of incident response and is key to an effective incident response plan.


The right cybersecurity solutions can make a significant difference in an organization’s ability to detect and respond to an incident. 

Consulting Services

CDW offers consulting services focused on incident response, threat hunting and information security.

Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive disaster recovery initiatives and regular backups can reduce the time needed to recover from an incident.


We Get Cybersecurity

A comprehensive incident response plan is critical to your organization's ability to detect, respond to and recover from threats. As your partner in security, we can help you design an end-to-end strategy and implement everything you need to protect your network in and out of the perimeter.

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