Protecting Data in a Shifting Security Landscape

As threats evolve, new strategies and solutions can help organizations safeguard their data. A multifaceted cybersecurity program that takes an adaptable approach to preventing, containing and remediating attacks is the key to making data protection a reality.

Learn how to safeguard your data in a shifting security landscape.

We Get Preparing for Cyberattacks is More Critical Than Ever

CDW understands that the faster you can detect and respond to a cyberattack, the better. That’s why we offer solutions and services to ensure you have a proactive security and risk mitigation strategy in place, whatever the size of your organization.

Checklist: Assess your data security strategy

Roadmap: Get on the path to managing risk


Identify vulnerabilities and security gaps in your infrastructure, network and applications.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Capitalize on network visibility and endpoint intelligence to take threat hunting and remediation to the next level.

Next-Gen Firewall and IPS

Protect users and your network with strong threat detection, analytics, telemetry and access controls.

Incident Response Services

We will support you during a crisis by responding rapidly and effectively to investigate and contain the impact of security incidents.


We Get Cybersecurity

Organizations require continuous defense, detection and dynamic responses against evolving threats while maintaining industry compliance. CDW security services provide independent evaluations of your security posture and help you fortify your weaknesses.

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