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Amazing happens when you can quickly adapt to and recover from threats.

Ensure business continuity and protect critical data even after a large-scale cybersecurity incident. We help you close gaps in your current security tools, processes and governance to ensure that you’re prepared to withstand any event without downtime or data loss.

Why CDW for Cyber Resilience?

Despite all of the new security tools and strategies available today, the simple fact is that many businesses are unprepared for a successful, large-scale cybersecurity incident. Cyber resilience refers to an organization’s ability to withstand, adapt to and recover from cyber threats and incidents effectively. By improving cyber resilience, organizations have a much better chance of enduring and recovering from any cyber event — including sophisticated cyberattacks and natural disasters — while avoiding extensive downtime and data loss

CDW can help your organization determine your cyber resilience goals, design solutions and develop plans to help support recovery. We help you get ready and stay ready for any cyber incident that comes your way.

CDW Cyber Resilience Solutions

Our suite of cyber resilience and cyber recovery solutions run the gamut from current-state analysis to the design, implementation and management of full cyber resilience capabilities, including:

  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Cyber resilience process assessments
  • Critical business data identification
  • Data recovery timeframe exploration
  • Red and Purple Team exercises
  • Penetration testing
  • Incident Response (IR) planning and testing
  • Cyber recovery plan development and testing
  • Cyber recovery plan automation and management
  • Immutable data backup verification
  • IR tabletop exercises (technical and executive)
CDW Suite of Cyber Resilience Solutions


Why a Good Cyber Resilience Strategy Is Essential to Business Success

Cyber resilience goes beyond traditional cybersecurity strategies focused on prevention and protection to include recovery tactics for times when those defenses fail. Learn about our tools for effective cyber resilience as well as key strategies for improving defenses, boosting recovery and maintaining business continuity.

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