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Cybersecurity Protects What Matters Most

CDW can help protect you from costly data breaches through a cohesive strategy of security assessments, data protection and threat mitigation.

Data is the core of your organization, but how do you protect your data when it — and attackers — can reside anywhere? With more than 20 years of experience, CDW experts can objectively assess your cybersecurity practices and create a strategy that helps you predict, guard against and proactively respond to evolving cyberattacks.

CDW cybersecurity solutions and services offer tailor-made protection for your organization. 

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CDW Cybersecurity Solutions

Exclusive Cybersecurity Insight Report

We partnered with IDG to research the biggest threats facing organizations today. See what 400 CDW and industry experts had to say in our report.

Work From Home Security

With an increasing number of employees working from home, the need for secure remote environments is more critical than ever. Learn how to secure your remote environments and how CDW experts can help. 

Explore All CDW Cybersecurity Services

Cyberthreats are constantly emerging and evolving. As a result, you need a comprehensive approach to protect against today's advanced threats. Our experts can help you maximize your investment in cybersecurity technologies like next-gen firewalls, encryption software and more. We’ll help you design a holistic security strategy utilizing multilayered solutions to keep your data secure.

CDW experts can help you with any cybersecurity concern, including:

  • Policy and access solutions to keep unauthenticated users off your network
  • Content security tools to protect against phishing and malware threats
  • Next-gen firewall offerings that guard every endpoint
  • Comprehensive security assessments, from white-hat hacking to social engineering

Cybersecurity Trends

Challenge: Addressing Ransomware

One of the biggest threats facing organiations big and small today is the threat of ransomware. Ransomware can be costly not only financially but also to an organization's reputation. No matter what your organization, you could be a potential target for ransomware. CDW can help you understand how these malware attackers identify organization weak points, as well as how you can remain protected.

Adopt a Risk-Based Security Strategy

Some organizations find themselves following outdated cybersecurity strategies designed to address concerns with an ad hoc approach. But these strategies leave significant gaps in addressing today's modern threat landscape. See how a risk-based strategy can serve as a holistic defense for your environment.

Why Are We Vulnerable?

Even if your organization has all the necessary security tools in place, a poor initial design in your security strategy means that you will be unable to effectively respond to threats. Learn how you can build a strategy that assures data is protected across your enterprise while also fulfilling business objectives.

Cybersecurity Certifications

We back up our security expertise with an array of industry and partner certifications.

Why CDW?

Our years of experience, industry-leading expertise and partnerships with leading technology providers can help you create a custom cybersecurity solution that dynamically addresses vulnerabilities in your network, now and in the future.

Is your organization ready for a modern cybersecurity strategy? 

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