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The operational challenges scaling startups face include limited resources, rapid growth and staff attrition — not to mention, fierce competition. CDW gives startups the resources to build a solid IT foundation so they can grow and succeed.

4 Ways CDW Helps Startups with IT Operations

IT operations are essential for startups to establish and maintain their technology infrastructure, improve productivity, enable scalability, ensure security and achieve cost savings. See why you should choose CDW as your end-to-end technology partner. Plan for your startup's growth with a technology consultation today.

Simplified Procurement and Onboarding

Startups do not typically hire IT until after hiring 100 or so employees, but they still need to outfit employees with the technology required to perform their jobs. With CDW Rubi®, your procurement automation and management console, enables a self-service, zero-touch equipment deployment experience while maintaining procurement governance, standards and cost control.

CDW Rubi® includes:

  • A zero-cost management console to create custom hardware/software bundles for employees
  • Device outfitting with CDW Configuration Services to auto-enroll devices into Apple Business Manager or Microsoft Autopilot, provision SaaS tools and prepare kit devices with peripherals
  • A dedicated account manager and vendor-neutral technical experts
CDW Simplified Procurement and Onboarding
CDW Startup Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Cybersecurity is critical for startups to protect assets, comply with regulations, prevent business disruptions and attract investment opportunities. Most importantly, it's a smart investment if your startup is looking to acquire enterprise customers.

CDW can help map out an effective cybersecurity and compliance strategy for your startup with:

  • Industry-leading cybersecurity and a brand-neutral approach to finding the right-sized solutions for your budget
  • Highly certified cybersecurity experts in industry compliance and regulations, ready to consult at no cost
  • Security assessments, penetration tests and audit services
  • Exclusive discounts on antivirus, MFA/SSO, VPN and email protection

Startups are Cloud and Digital Natives

The cloud offers startups agility, scalability and a low cost of entry. However, the cloud also requires constant upkeep and adjustment. Deploying cloud infrastructure involves application monitoring and activity logging, which leads many developers to suffer from analysis paralysis as the combinations of tools and solutions change when the business scales.

CDW makes all things cloud easy for startups with:

  • Modern cloud strategy consulting, enabling you to manage any workload across various cloud providers without lock-in
  • Cloud cost optimization and cost-saving solutions
  • Competitive automated digital infrastructure
  • DevOps for improved speed, automation, integration and collaboration
CDW Startups and Cloud and Digital Natives
CDW Startup Savings and Cash Flow Management

Savings and Cash Flow Management

Startups that prioritize cash flow management improve their chances of survival, increase profitability, attract funding and reduce financial stress.

CDW can help save you money and offer flexible payment options by:

  • Offering exclusive discounts for startups
  • Utilizing funding data for Net-30 credit approval, providing a working line of credit at CDW
  • Extending your cash runway with computer leasing and flexible payment options tailored for early-stage companies
  • Connecting you with a dedicated CDW account manager who acts as your personal shopper for the best tech deals

Why Do Startups Work With CDW?

If you are seeking support from experts to identify technology solutions that can scale with your business, our dedicated tech specialists can help you find the tools to jumpstart your growth. By working with CDW, your business gains access to industry-leading products and partnerships to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

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