Elo Digital Signage and Touchscreens

Elo's interactive digital signage and displays are built to support any industry, for nearly every use.

Elo Self-Service Solutions

Take digital signage to the next level with easy-to-use, interactive self-service displays.


Seamless Self-Service

From self-order, to self-checkout to visitor check-in, self-service kiosks allow customers to take control of their experience. Elo’s versatile, modular products offer innovative solutions that adapt to meet consumers' changing behavior. 


Touchscreen Digital Signage

Available in a wide variety of sizes, from 7'' all the way up to 65'', Elo's commercial-grade, interactive displays support your needs and create high-impact experiences.


Elo I-Series Touch Computers

One of Elo’s most popular product lines ever, the I-Series has been used for self-service, point-of-sale and price checkers, industrial controls and visitor management.

Elo and CDW

Digital Transformation

CDW and Elo can help you orchestrate a digital transformation strategy that streamlines operations and improves customer engagement.

IT Support Services

CDW Amplified™ Support services deliver custom warranties, maintenance and support that augment your Elo solutions and drive business continuity.

Amplified™ Configuration Services

CDW makes it possible for you to simply unbox Elo solutions and go with Amplified™ Configuration services for fast, custom deployment and installation.

Call 800.800.4239 to contact us about Elo solutions for your organization.

Call 800.800.4239 to contact us about Elo solutions for your organization.