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The Process of Improving Compliance Adherence
February 17, 2020

From HIPAA to PCI to GDPR, compliance regulations are constantly changing. This puts organizations at risk for overlooking key regulatory requirements and opening up the enterprise to greater liability. A comprehensive, integrated approach to compliance adherence – including vendor management – reduces the possibility of fines, security breaches and negative operational consequences.

A Guide to Mapping Your Compliance Journey



Start with the basics – get a clear picture of who and what is involved with compliance.

  • Secure executive buy-in.
  • Conduct a thorough asset inventory.
  • Complete a compliance inventory to determine which assets are subject to regulations.
  • Create a map detailing where requirements overlap and efficiencies can be gained.
  • Identify all departments and stakeholders that share compliance responsibility.
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Pre- and During Implementation

Put your plan in motion. Be sure all involved diligently adhere to governance rules.

  • If needed, engage experts/consultants in the process.
  • Establish a centralized compliance committee.
  • Clearly outline that compliance does not automatically equal security.
  • Create a separate security protocol, including third-party vendor policies.
  • Establish compliance parameters and conduct employee training.

Ongoing Maintenance

Compliance isn’t static; regulations change. Be sure your organization stays current.

  • As you implement new technologies, establish a vendor rating system.
  • Ensure new IT solutions support compliance at the network and app level.
  • Leverage analytics to identify gaps or red flags.
  • Refresh employee training on a yearly basis and stay on top of new regulations.
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Expert Strategy

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Specialized Services

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Discover how CDW can help you manage compliance risk more effectively.

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Discover how CDW can help you manage compliance risk more effectively.

Contact your account manager, or give us a call.