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Leverage Managed Collaboration Anywhere to Streamline Productivity

With Managed Collaboration Anywhere, you can boost employee productivity, contain costs, and improve optimization.

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In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the way that workforces operate is changing dramatically. More than ever before, it’s important to find ways to empower remote workers to effectively communicate and collaborate to stay on top of your business goals. Many organizations are now turning to managed services, such as CDW’s Managed Collaboration Anywhere (MCA), to solve for communication challenges in the new work environment and reduce physical office footprints. Look to Managed Collaboration Anywhere as a customizable solution to meet your business’s collaboration needs. MCA services can be powerful tools, whether your servers are hosted on-premise, entirely in the cloud, or in a hybrid set-up.  With MCA, you can boost employee productivity, contain costs, and improve optimization. 

Consider Managed Collaboration Anywhere to Reduce Data Center Footprint

As many companies look to reduce their physical office footprints, Managed Collaboration Anywhere can be an effective choice in making the move to a hybrid or cloud environment. By working with a partner like CDW for your infrastructure needs, this goal can be accomplished.

One large customer with approximately 10,000 end users recently came to CDW with the goal of decommissioning its physical data center. CDW presented the customer with options, and the customer decided to move onto CDW’s proprietary MCA hosted platform. This solution allowed the customer to take advantage of CDW’s MCA platform hosted by one vendor, while still leveraging the collaboration platform from another vendor.

The highly customizable nature of the MCA platform enabled this customer to move out of a physical data center, while still retaining a solution that meets their exact needs.

This Managed Collaboration Anywhere solution will empower the customer to spend less time managing the data center and gain flexibility as its business needs change. Working with a partner like CDW on this type of solution also affords customers the ability to customize how much they manage vs. how much the vendor manages; companies can choose to remain involved in their MCA solution or entirely offload management to CDW. 

Choose Managed Collaboration Anywhere to Streamline Contact Center and Help Desk Support

MCA services can be a powerful tool in streamlining contact center and help desk support challenges for your business. In the remote environment, more employees and customers need IT support than ever before. CDW’s MCA portfolio can help automate contact center processes and ensure that customers receive the help they need.

For example, one CDW customer had 20,000 end users but only one employee who focused on Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) and contact center management for the entire business. CDW has a decade-long relationship with this customer and encouraged them to use a Unified Communication Management cloud solution to ease the burden on this individual employee. Right now, the customer has an on-premise data center and is looking to move to the cloud. This customer also outsources their help desk to a third-party and has over 100 international locations.

CDW worked with this customer on an MCA solution that met the business’s precise needs, which included handing off the management reins. This customer’s MCA solution now can serve as a conduit between the internal UCaaS employee and the third-party help desk, with CDW helping all along the way. 

MCA Solutions Can Mitigate Tight Deadlines to Move to the Cloud

While organizations looking to the cloud may think it’s a lengthy and costly process, CDW’s MCA solutions can help ensure tighter turnarounds and ensure your business can keep running efficiently. The highly flexible and customizable nature of the MCA portfolio means it can be tailored to meet your business’s needs and timetable.

For example, one customer came to CDW with a short timeframe to migrate from on-premises into the cloud for its contact center. The customer said they wanted to accomplish this in four months and move onto a hosted platform. Meeting that timeframe was essential to make the organization’s contact center processes more efficient and improve the customer experience. CDW was able to meet the business’s timeline and deliver on a hosted platform contact center experience. 

Make Managed Collaboration Anywhere Work for You

Whether your workforce splits time between the office or is entirely remote, and wherever you are on your data center and applications migration journey, CDW can work with you to design a Managed Collaboration Anywhere solution that meets your needs. MCA Services can ensure that your workforce has all they need to be productive and that they can collaborate and communicate seamlessly across the digital stack.