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CDW Managed Collaboration Anywhere Services for UCaaS or CCaaS Solutions

Continue to manage infrastructure and hosting solutions after moving to the cloud with CDW's Managed Collaboration Anywhere.

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As companies look to move their collaboration solutions to the cloud, there are a few things to consider that happen after the cutover. There are areas that organizations can forget to address when moving to a new system.

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Common issues that remain after cutover include third party applications integrated to the infrastructure, inconsistent management of multiple solutions, and finding someone to own the solution, support issues, and articulate the overall solution health.

Managing Third Party Applications and Infrastructure

On several occasions, I’ve seen a customer put in the middle of an issue when a third party application isn’t working because a new solution is introduced. The solution’s vendor and the third party are not able to find middle ground, which forces the customer to solve the issue.

CDW Managed Collaboration Anywhere (MCA) can help. We already have many of the most common third party services, and MCA has complete services around networking solutions for customers that wish to add on to their underlying network. MCA owns the end-to-end solution, so customers don’t have to worry about problem-solving on their own.

Inconsistent Solution Management

After launching a new solution, identify who is going to handle the day-to-day changes as well as some of the other system changes you may run into. While some changes can be intuitive, others are certainly not. MCA has service packages that allow customers the flexibility of moving, adding, changing, and deleting on their own, or having CDW make the changes for them. Whether a customer lacks the in-house skills to support this need or they want their existing team focusing on other areas of the business, CDW eliminates the hassle of trying to engage a third party with a statement of work.

Solution Ownership

Just because an environment or platform is hosted with a vendor doesn’t mean there isn’t still a solution to manage. Some things to keep in mind: ownership includes ensuring tickets and requests are handled within target expectations, measuring the system and ensuring proper adoption of the solution, reporting the stability and success of the solution, and monitoring new features and determining if they might help to solve business problems. Without an owner who can handle all these items there can be a wide variety of challenges that impact the overall success of the solution.

MCA services can assist with all of the above aspects of consuming a cloud based service, which can result in significant cost savings, user satisfaction and adoption of the system and the overall success of the new UCaaS or CCaaS solution.

A New Feature for Managed Collaboration Anywhere

Finally, a new option CDW is offering with RingCentral through MCA is a “call experience testing solution” that provides organizations with a real-time way to ensure the expected RingCentral calling experience is being met. Missing calls or calls not being directed correctly can have a negative impact on businesses in the age of remote work.

This service will call over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and go through automatic call distributor (ACD) call treatment, if desired, and end at a prompt. When initially set up, it records the expected response and if any subsequent calls preformed at a scheduled basis fail, it will trigger an alert. There are multiple calling options, from a frequency perspective, available. Reports are generated and are provided to the customer on a weekly basis.

CDW’s goal in designing managed services for UCaaS or CCaaS solutions is to fill these gaps, which not only we have witnessed, but the market feedback has also reflected. Plan for success as you consider or migrate to a new UCaaS or CCaaS platform.