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September 09, 2022

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Do You Have the Data You Need to Quickly Protect Citizens?

Mission-critical operations centers make sure you get the big picture.

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Whether you’re fighting crime or responding to emergencies or natural disasters, real-time data and analysis are critical to smart decision-making and quick action. Use this checklist to make sure your operations center has the right technologies to capture, correlate and display the data you need, when you need it.

Key Considerations for Building a Mission-Critical Operations Center

How efficiently and effectively are we observing routine, sensitive and fast-evolving situations?

Are we fully utilizing the cameras, sensors, alarms and other technologies we already have in place? Do we need to upgrade or add to them to get a more comprehensive picture? Are there any critical observation points we are overlooking or need to plan for in the future?

How easily and accurately can we extract insights from our data?

Are we using all potential data sets to support our decision-making? Do we have the ability to leverage surveillance and recognition technology when an incident occurs? How accurate and complete is the Common Operating Picture we are presenting? Can we improve our user interface experience or video display quality?

What steps can we take to improve our decision-making process?

In what ways can AI and deep learning further enhance our decision-making? What impact will introducing or expanding these technologies have on our existing IT infrastructure? Is our environment robust enough to support escalating demand?

Are we prepared to act fast enough to deliver positive outcomes?

Recognizing that the faster we make decisions the better, how can we speed up the decision-making process? Are we optimizing our collaboration technologies? Do we need to fine-tune our collaboration strategy or explore additional ways to accelerate our ability to act rapidly?

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As you build out and refine your operations center, review our roadmap to understand what to expect before, during and after your investment.