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Secure Your SCADA Systems

Energy and utility companies remain prime targets for cyberattackers, putting your interconnected SCADA systems at increased risk.
  • April 10, 2018
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Seeking to improve performance through more automation and better data analytics, energy and utilities companies are increasingly connecting their previously isolated SCADA systems with IT systems and the IoT. 

This interconnectivity offers significant benefits but at the same time greatly increases vulnerability to cyberattack. Growing reliance on the cloud, along with widespread adoption of mobile devices and the prevalence of sophisticated cyberthreats, further heightens risk.

Protecting SCADA systems in this challenging environment requires a comprehensive, multilayered security strategy that ranges from threat checks and security assessments to network monitoring, enterprise device management and breach containment.

Check out our Solution Spotlight to learn more about how to manage escalating risk and protect your critical infrastructure.

CDW has the expertise and experience to help you orchestrate security solutions that  safeguard your SCADA systems, networks and data against cyberattack.
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