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Are You Ready to Deliver Robust Hybrid Network Performance?

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Reliable, seamless, secure networking connectivity is non-negotiable as hybrid work becomes the new normal. Use this checklist to help ensure your organization’s network is prepared to meet the evolving connectivity demands of in-office and work-from-home users.

Key Considerations for Deploying a Modern Network Connectivity Solution

Do you have a process for involving all stakeholders in planning and design?

Connectivity is no longer just a networking issue – it has an impact on everyone in your organization. Planning properly requires involving applications, security and all stakeholders in order to understand and support their network performance needs.

Do you know how effectively you’re providing consistent performance for your employees, regardless of location?

Skyrocketing demand for increased mobility and flexibility has been driving a rapid transition from wired to pervasive wireless environments including Wi-Fi 6 software-defined networking and 5G. Are you able to monitor how reliable connectivity is for users across your network? Can you measure the quality of the work-from-home experience you provide and how it affects your employees’ productivity? Can you track how well your security policies protect your employees?

Do you know who is connecting to your network and with which devices?

Do you have insight into which users are connecting to your network, which devices they’re using and which applications they’re accessing? Have you introduced zero trust best practices, such as multifactor authentication to offset the higher risk hybrid work brings? Are you deploying security protocols such as firewalls and Secure Access Service Edge?

Do you have consistent visibility and security policy across your enterprise IT environment?

Do you have a steady and sufficient oversight of cloud-based and on-premises, mobile, microbranch and campus workers to make informed application performance decisions?

Have you automated your IT management processes?

Are you still relying on manual configurations and provisioning? With IT teams already stretched to the limit and the current labor shortage showing few signs of abating, leveraging automation to provide and manage consistent, predictable operations is especially critical. To optimize scarce resources, are you taking advantage of zero-touch provisioning, centralized implementation of consistent security controls and policies, and artificial intelligence for troubleshooting?

Delivering robust network performance for a hybrid workforce takes a thoughtful approach. Let us help you get it right. Contact your Account Team or give us a call.


As you continue your network modernization journey, review our roadmap to see how the right solution can help you achieve the business outcomes you seek.