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Achieve Startup Success

Leverage the right technology partner to empower employees at every stage.

Not all startups are the same, and not every stage of the startup journey has the same technology needs. As a leading provider of technology solutions and services with a history rooted in startup innovation, we understand the challenges you face. Our expert account team is dedicated to helping you ensure the hardware, software, applications, systems and services you deploy today can scale to meet your business needs tomorrow.

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Incubator and Accelerator Partners

We’ve worked with 8,000+ startup customers who’ve raised over $100B in funding. We partner with leading startup incubators and accelerators to lead mentoring sessions and seminars aimed at solving startup environment technology problems:

500 Startups

A Solution for Every Phase of Your Startup Development

Whether you’re getting your startup off the ground and securing funding or are growing your business and expanding your offerings, our extensive portfolio of technology offerings can help you succeed every step of the way. And though all solutions we offer are available at every stage of your journey, the following are of particular importance during each step.

You’re under pressure to build and deploy your product, see where it fits in the marketplace and support sales and business growth. And you‘re faced with establishing network and website security, developing a collaboration platform for suppliers, partners and coworkers, and finding the right end-user devices. The solutions likely to be top-of-mind for you at this stage include:

  • Cloud: leverage cloud to build a platform that enhances development and speeds time to market
  • Security: manage security for web, email, cloud, data, devices and more
  • Productivity & Device Support: save on hardware spend and optimize device lifecycles

At this point, you’re concentrating on proving the ROI of your working product, rapidly scaling and growing both your customer base and your sales team. Some of the solutions you’ll be most interested in at this stage include:

  • CDW Office-in-a-Box: connectivity, hosted phone system, network/Wi-Fi, A/V, SaaS and endpoints
  • Employee Onboarding: custom build/configuration and premium technology support
  • IT as a Service: act as your IT team to help your startup run smoother and grow faster

At this stage, you’re concentrating on laying the groundwork for future transformation, focusing on improving the customer experience, elevating security to focus on compliance, threat prevention and assessments, and continually innovating your products and services. To support these goals, the following solutions will be of greatest interest to your startup during this time:

  • Security: testing, compliance auditing, policy assessments, proactive threat monitoring and more to help protect your company now that it’s an established brand
  • Customer Experience: data migration, analytics, hybrid cloud adoption and more to help you minimize downtime and exceed customer expectations
  • Transformation: optimize cloud spend, integrate systems across multiple platforms, focus on reducing accumulated technical debt, and remain compliant as you enter new markets 
We Get the Right Solutions Need the Right Partners

Our trusted partnerships with leading technology providers, combined with our in-depth startup expertise, means we can orchestrate the right balance of technology solutions and services to fit your precise startup along every step of your journey. 

Explore how CDW can help your startup achieve its goals.