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Building the Veeam Ecosystem

The company’s partnerships with data center and cloud vendors enable its evolution into a high-availability solution.


I had the pleasure of visiting with customers and partners at the VeeamON 2018 conference in Chicago earlier this month. This event brought together data protection professionals to share knowledge and discuss backup and high-availability solutions from Veeam. The conference topics reflected the growth of Veeam from a straightforward backup solution into a full-fledged high-availability solution that works seamlessly, regardless of whether a workload is located on-premises or in a cloud.

As I stood on the convention floor, I found myself struck not only by the interesting technology demonstrations or compelling customer success stories but also by the many other logos displayed throughout the venue. Over the past few years, Veeam has done an amazing job bringing together numerous major technology players on a single data protection platform. This is the foundation for its vision to deliver intelligent data management for the Hyper-Available Enterprise. In my view, that’s the value it brings to enterprise IT teams and the story behind its growing success.

Expanding the Data Center Footprint

The variety of vendors in Veeam’s ecosystem bears testament to the company’s integration with existing on-premises data center technologies. Representatives from NetApp and Pure Storage spoke about how their Veeam integrations allow IT professionals to take storage snapshots from the same platform they use to manage their other data protection functions. VMware and Cisco offered integrations between Veeam and their virtualization platforms, while operating system experts discussed integrations with Windows and Linux.

This is the beauty of the extensible Veeam platform. By leveraging Veeam’s application programming interface (API), hardware and software vendors can provide their customers with the integration they demand, while Veeam can paint a compelling picture of a single management solution for data protection across the data center.

Data Protection in the Cloud

Veeam’s integrations don’t end at the data center. The company provides the same integrations to cloud vendors that it offers to traditional hardware and software providers. Representatives from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and IBM Cloud described how their customers can leverage Veeam technology to provide backup, recovery and replication functionality within their cloud infrastructure platforms. For example, customers of Microsoft’s cloud solutions can seamlessly back up on-premises data to Azure, back up Office 365 data to cloud or on-premises storage, and provide high-availability solutions for workloads running on Azure Virtual Machines.

While all cloud vendors offer their own backup, snapshotting and high-availability solutions, those approaches all require that technologists learn and understand vendor-specific services. This is particularly difficult for organizations pursuing a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud computing strategy. Veeam provides a single, efficient management tool for data protection across diverse environments.

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