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The Process of Architecting Your Enterprise Cloud.
January 15, 2020

Simply “lifting and shifting” all workloads into the cloud is not a viable option for achieving productive, fast and flexible infrastructure utilization. A thoughtful approach to cloud implementation ensures efficient and cost-effective resource allocation across the enterprise.

A Guide to Mapping Your Compliance Journey


Cloud Provider Selection

Having a standard set of guidelines in place for selecting your cloud solution and determining future new application protocols is an important first step.

  • Create a questionnaire to gather all data relevant to the decision process.
  • Weigh your IT needs against potential cloud platform metrics.
  • Factor in CAPEX versus OPEX expenditures.
  • Narrow down to 2 or 3 viable options.
  • Determine which option best aligns with organizational goals. 
  • Recognize that no decision is ever final, but this is right for now.
  • Move forward and start the implementation process.
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Discovery & Pre-planning

After selecting your cloud solution, thoroughly outline resource utilization and consumption requirements.

  • Review utilization of on-premises resources, including legacy applications.
  • Map on-premises resources to the cloud.
  • Engage in a cloud readiness assessment.
  • Assign readiness scores to every virtual machine based on performance and age of infrastructure.
  • Use scores to determine storage tiers, what can move to the cloud and what stays on-premises.
  • Implement cloud migration plan.

Implementation & Maintenance

During and after implementation, continually monitor for infrastructure changes, security concerns and workload issues.

  • Perform routine utilization maintenance and test development environment to ensure VMs are running correctly.  
  • Assess whether the current configuration meets business and IT goals.
  • Practice good data hygiene to ensure architecture is correct, resources are tagged correctly and network/WAN can handle the load.
  • As employees change over, reassess access permissions and security protocols.
  • Embrace application performance monitoring to test for latency.  
  • Leverage best practices by training staff on cloud changes and conducting periodic health checks.
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Discover how CDW can help you achieve an efficient, high-performance cloud environment.

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