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Why You Need an AWS Next-Generation Managed Service Provider

What is a Next-Generation Managed Service Provider and how can one help you make the most of your AWS deployment?

What is a Managed Service Provider?

Historically, clients have relied on Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to remotely manage their IT infrastructure. For example, a client might engage an MSP to manage their edge network (e.g., routers, switches and wide area network). The MSP would ensure all devices were running and patched as well as maintaining security protocols. MSPs typically provide an agreed level upon service level (i.e., SLA) and clients are charged on a subscription basis.

What is an AWS Next-Generation Managed Service Provider (NGMSP)?

Amazon Web Services is a leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud provider with over 50% market share, according to Gartner.1 Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to push the boundaries of IaaS with meaningful enhancements to its core services like Amazon EC2 as well as surprising new product launches like AWS Ground Station, AWS RoboMaker and AWS DeepRacer.

What may be less obvious is how AWS encourages their partners to evolve along with the advances in the cloud-based AWS management platform. Through the AWS Partner Network, AWS assists their partners in developing new skills to enable them to better serve their shared AWS management platform. 

One such innovation is the AWS Next-Generation Managed Service Provider (NGMSP). Adrian San Miguel, an AWS solutions architect, succinctly describes the attributes of an AWS NGMSP in his blog post: What Exactly is a Next-Generation AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

San Miguel describes a NGMSP as being “committed to three key tenets:”

1.     Educate customers on a proactive, ongoing basis, offering consultative and advisory services.

2.     Lead with AWS Professional Services … next-gen AWS MSPs must establish themselves as an expert advisor from the very first interaction.

3.     Advocate to customers the use of and evolution of AWS services.

Let’s unpack each of these tenets and demonstrate how they are relevant to you as an Amazon Web Services user.

AWS Commits to Educating Customers

AWS’s pace of innovation is staggering. At AWS’s 7th annual re:Invent conference in November 2018, the company announced 60 new products as well as 250 new product features. The event had 2,100 sessions and demonstrations and was attended by over 53,000 AWS customers and partners. For those of us that attended re:Invent, the common sentiment was that it was exceptional but also a little overwhelming. Based on their track record thus far, it’s reasonable to assume that AWS’s pace of cloud computing innovation and automation will only accelerate.

This innovation presents a challenge. How can a client ensure that they are utilizing AWS in the most effective manner with such rapid change? A common question our clients ask us is, “What AWS services am I not using, but should be?” That’s where an Amazon Web Services NGMSP can really add value. CDW’s AWS solution architects participate in regular trainings on the latest AWS cloud services as well as securing AWS Certifications. We have approximately 60 AWS Certifications to date and are earning more each month! This CDW expertise can help ensure you’re not missing out on the latest AWS innovation.

AWS Consulting and Managed Services

Driven by AWS’s market prominence, the demand for AWS skills is high. We’ve all heard about the “war for talent” and the difficulty of finding and hiring coworkers with the right technical skills. This is a concern for many of our clients, who tell us that they just can’t get the work fast enough for lack of bandwidth. Fortunately, this is another area in which CDW can assist by supporting your organization with our AWS-Certified expertise.

CDW offers a wide range of AWS consulting services from migration planning to infrastructure optimization. Once you are in AWS, CDW offers a full set of AWS managed services to assist in cost control monitoring and optimization, maintaining a strong security posture and ensuring you’re implementing AWS best practices. 

Advocate for Customers

AWS has reduced prices 67 times since AWS launched in 2006 while continuing to add new features and functionality. These price reductions all appear to be AWS-led; i.e., AWS was not matching a competitor’s price drop. There are countless similar examples of AWS ensuring that clients get the best return on their investment.

CDW can also advocate for you to ensure you maximize your AWS investment. CDW’s AWS managed services can help you right-size your Amazon EC2 Instances, leverage AWS Reserved Instances and optimize your storage footprint. We can do this while ensuring that your AWS environment is as reliable and available as your circumstances dictate.

Some Final Thoughts

AWS has made tremendous strides in making the best IaaS cloud technology available to organizations of any size. However, that doesn’t mean you need to take AWS journey alone. Partnering with CDW as your NGMSP can help you migrate to the cloud and achieve these benefits more rapidly and with fewer surprises.

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