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The SonicWall™ Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 210 License enhances the productivity of workers by providing them with secure and concurrent access to online corporate resources from anywhere and on any device. The SonicWall license allows for scalability, and with future changes, organizations adjust it to accommodate up to 10 additional concurrent connections via intelligent clustering. It allows for control and limiting of personnel that can use specific resources by adjusting the granular access policy engine. The SMA license provides alerts and visibility of the devices trying to connect, letting the admin decline the request or grant access based on the organization's principles. Integration with leading multifactor authentication technologies helps enhance security against unauthorized access and hackers.

With service providers experiencing zero downtime in their delivery using the SonicWall SMA appliance, fulfilling highly aggressive service level agreements (SLAs) becomes much more convenient. The SMA single sign-on structure provides a seamless and consistent access experience whether the resource is in a hosted cloud or on-premise. Like the SonicWall SMA 1000, the SMA 201 is compatible with most platforms, including Linux™, Windows® and Mac® operating systems.
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Software Details
  • Provides secure and concurrent access to resources
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Compatible with SonicWall SMA 200
  • Accommodates up to 10 additional concurrent users
  • Single sign-on
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SonicWall Secure Mobile Access -License - 10 Additional Users

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