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Enterprise migrations are a complex and scary project for even the most seasoned IT personnel. Migrations require a team effort from network administrators, messaging system administrators and security personnel. When problems arise, migration projects run the risk of a long and costly project life cycle. Another challenge is that migrations must not interfere with service levels or security, regardless of how significant the changes are. Being able to address these concerns manually is just not a realistic consideration ” Organizations need a tool to assist with the migration process.

Quest Migration Suite provides the most comprehensive solution to address all of your Microsoft infrastructure realignment needs.

ZeroIMPACT Active Directory-to-Active Directory Migration

Online migration empowers you to restructure your Active Directory during business hours with no adverse affect on user productivity. With Migration Manager, end users can continue working, totally unaware of the migration project. And, Migration Manager eliminates the need for migration-related tasks after business hours, reducing the administrator's workload.

Coexistence throughout Migration

Migration Manager allows users to access all network resources, such as servers and printers, regardless of their migration status. This powerful solution delivers complete coexistence, helping to ensure a seamless migration process and decrease help desk calls both during and after the migration.

Secure Migration Execution and Management

Migration Manager gives you complete control of your migration, helping to increase the security and reliability of your project. Take advantage of its test mode to verify the accuracy and security of your migration plan. Migration Manager optimizes your post-migration environment, preserving passwords and removing source accounts and related references, working to deliver a secure migration process from beginning to end.

Flexible, Comprehensive Management

Migration Manager offers a robust set of management features, from pre-migration planning and analysis to updating permissions. What's more, this flexible solution can be used for any migration scenario, from "pruning and grafting" to a complete restructuring of your Active Directory.

Reduced Costs and Zero Network Downtime

Migration Manager automates migration and enables parallel processing, saving valuable time and ensuring that your network has zero downtime. With Migration Manager, costs are reduced as the project timeline is shortened. It scales to meet the demands of even the largest organizations, making migration fast and efficient.

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