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To effectively combat the ever-changing virus threat, you should establish an active anti-virus policy. Most companies today understand the need for virus protection. Many have established formal policies defining what form that protection should take, and how it should be used. But very few take the necessary next step to make their policies active. Making a policy active isn't as simple as just changing it occasionally. Having world-class virus detection and cleaning software on all computers on the network is a good start. Most companies need protection at the desktop, file server, groupware server, and Internet gateway. Active Virus Defense offers industry-leading protection for each of these four network tiers.

Once all the computers on the network are fully protected, ePolicy Orchestrator's policy enforcement features can ensure they stay that way. ePolicy Orchestrator also enables administrators to make configuration changes to handle new virus types or changes in virus prevalence trends. McAfee's WebShield Internet gateway virus protection solution can stop Internet email borne viruses before they get to even one user on the network, preventing those costly problems. With McAfee's unique Outbreak Manager technology, WebShield can identify and stop outbreaks even when the virus instigating them is new and unknown. And content filtering capabilities can help kill time-wasting spam and virus hoaxes. Of course, not every piece of data on a network enters through the Internet gateway. For keeping those emails and collaborative environments virus free, McAfee's GroupShield products are just the ticket. GroupShield stands guard with an arsenal of anti-virus defenses. Outbreak Manager stops outbreaks before they start. Content filtering allows spam and hoax blocking, and can also help keep confidential data from leaving the network. Because it's remotely manageable, GroupShield is well suited to even the largest and most distributed enterprise environments. McAfee's NetShield server protection can eliminate these potential headaches. It offers both real-time scanning to detect and clean known viruses as files are accessed and on-demand scanning that allows scheduled deep-down bug scrubs of the entire system. VirusScan is the protection of choice for desktops. Its tight integration with McAfee's ePolicy Orchestrator management console makes it a manageable desktop anti-virus solution on the market today. And a host of installation and customization features make it a favorite of enterprise customers. With unique double heuristic scanning technology, generic variant detection capabilities, and industry-leading compressed file handling, the award-winning McAfee virus scanning engine is one of the best money can buy.

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