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CODE42 CRASHPLAN CLASSIC 1Y is rated 4.2 out of 5 by 62.
Rated 4 out of 5 by from The file restore functionality and remote backup for remote users doesn't take a lot of resources. It is invaluable for restoring lost or encrypted files. What is most valuable?The file restore functionality and remote backup for remote users is fantastic. It doesn't take a lot of resources and is invaluable when someone needs to restore files that they have lost or encrypted. Or, if they are just upgrading, we can save a lot of time with the remote restore as well.How has it helped my organization?We save our end users time and our IT admins time. Both users spend less time fixing faulty backup solutions on remote backup hardware and software that each can get messed up; bad drives, bad backup locations, etc., not enough space.What needs improvement?So far, so good. I have not seen a ton of places that need improvement. There are some users who just do not come online frequently enough, or have a good enough connection to be backing up all their files frequently/often.The biggest area to improve would be notifications for admins.For how long have I used the solution?I have used it for seven months.What was my experience with deployment of the solution?We did not encounter any deployment issues off the bat. The scripts to automate the backup locations took some reading up on, but did well overall for our users' initial backup tasks and automated it.What do I think about the stability of the solution?I have not encountered any stability issues. The only issue we really had was with the initial server setup. We were required to put it on Windows Server 2012 and I had to re-image the storage appliance that came with Storage Server 2012 from Microsoft but was not supported. It might have worked anyway; however, it was not officially supported. Rather than fight with Code42 if we had an issue, we thought it was better to rework the storage appliance OS installation and keep our fingers crossed.What do I think about the scalability of the solution?Up to this point, I have not encountered any scalability issues. We are perhaps 1/12 of our storage used after seven months in play. We keep our storage on site and can add to it when required. We'll cross that road when needed. We'll need to purchase similar hardware or add larger disks when the time comes, but it could be a few years pending static growth rates.How is customer service and technical support?Customer Service: Customer service is great; the best I have had with any company. No joke. To date, it has been great. I would have a hard time finding another company that provided better support for their product on the first rollout.Technical Support: Technical support are professionals: 10/10.Replies are timely and we're able to find solutions with their online support / resolve issues in two instances when I was looking for solutions at the end of the work day and tech was not available.Which solutions did we use previously?We were using GFI backup / freeware. This is more automated.The software we were using was not very good at all. It required too much user intervention and many users just simply did not perform backups. Now, they do not really need to pay attention to it and we can run reports if we would like to.How was the initial setup?Initial setup was straightforward, but we luckily have in-house knowledge to set up external access to the internal server for backup purposes.What about the implementation team?We implemented in house and had a quick setup with CrashPlan rep since we deployed the hardware in house with the CrashPlan software. I imagine most companies just use CrashPlan's storage in the cloud but we preferred to keep it in house.What was our ROI?ROI is easily measured with the first person that was able to do file restores that would have otherwise lost their files. The cost to lost files is virtually priceless. While nobody knows the value of the files that they have, we do know that they do not have to recreate any of them or dig any up from backups on tape if there were any to begin with.What's my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing?Speak with your vendor to see if you can get better pricing through them. We thought the pricing was fair for what it offered and did not pay "list" price. However, it seemed to be reasonable in the end what we paid for deployment and first year costs for rollout on our own hardware.Which other solutions did I evaluate?Before choosing this product, I did not evaluate other options. We looked at Datto, but did not trial it. We did choose to go with Code42, as it showed great promise and had other possibilities available, such as the newest release can potentially help have data leakage prevention / notification from the administrative console.What other advice do I have?Keep up the great work. Ideally, we could have used the Windows Storage Server 2012 that was on a storage appliance we purchased, but by reinstalling, we were able to support the software on the original hardware that was purchased, just not with the Storage Server 2012 operating system from Windows.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2019-01-11
Rated 5 out of 5 by from With it, we don't worry about data loss due to theft or loss of laptops. Valuable Features:* It provides seamless backups without impacting user performance impact.* It's automated and very easy to use.Improvements to My Organization:It's eliminated the worry about data loss due to theft or loss of laptops.Use of Solution:3 YearsDeployment Issues:NoneStability Issues:NoneScalability Issues:NoneCustomer Service:Customer service is awesome, They are on top of all questions and are US based.Technical Support:Great Technical support and very knowledgableInitial Setup:very straightforwardDisclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-09-06
Rated 4 out of 5 by from It just runs, rarely requiring intervention, but Java needs to be removed from it. Valuable Features:Low system overhead, setting retention policies, ease of useImprovements to My Organization:Once setup, it rarely requires user intervention. It just runs.Room for Improvement:Java, please get rid of Java.Use of Solution:4 yearsDeployment Issues:NOStability Issues:NOScalability Issues:NOCustomer Service:10Technical Support:10Previous Solutions:noInitial Setup:very easyImplementation Team:In-houseOther Solutions Considered:noDisclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-08-31
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Allows our IT staff to troubleshoot and restore data to machines that may have un-recoverable data due to damage. Valuable Features:Endpoint monitoring and data backup from Code42 ( ) and their software Crashplan ( ) has been a great piece of software for our organization, allowing our IT staff to troubleshoot and restore data to machines that may have un-recoverable data due to damage makes it significantly easier.Improvements to My Organization:The organization is able to have peace of mind when it comes to data protection. IT is now able to verify that information is backed up at all times, and send reminders if a machine hasn't been backed up in a set amount of days.Room for Improvement:The software itself is really pretty great. From time to time, you will see issues with the software not connecting to the on-premise server, or the client crashes on a users machine. But with any software, these things happen.Use of Solution:6 monthsDeployment Issues:I wasn't at my company when the software was deployed, but from what I have heard and what I've seen deploying updates, it's a straightforward and simple process with little or no downtime.Stability Issues:Like I said earlier, no major issues with stability other than the one off's from users clients on their machines. Great software.Scalability Issues:We haven't ran into issues scaling the software in our organization. We add new users frequently, and its an easy thing to do.Customer Service:The customer service at Code42 has always been top notch. They know how to talk to their clients and understand that they're dealing primarily with IT Pros.Technical Support:The technical support ( ) that is offered is great. Dealing with them via chat is the easiest way for any body to troubleshoot an issue. And they have a ticket system that allows you to just submit issues and have them follow up with you.Previous Solutions:I am not aware of any previous solutions used here at my company, since we've only used CrashPlan since I started.Initial Setup:Was not present for the implementation of the software, but setup of the Clients is easy and straightforward. Could not be any simpler than logging in.Implementation Team:In House team. We manage the solution as well in house. It's a very simple process that the admin console lends a hand to.ROI:The largest return on investment that we see is peace of mind from our users knowing that all of their information is safe if something were to happen.Cost and Licensing Advice:Like with any software, if you need to test to make sure the solution is right for you, do a test run. Then figure out the amount of licenses you'll need.Other Solutions Considered:Code42's CrashPlan has been implemented since before I started at my company. I'm not sure if there were any other contenders.Other Advice:Code42's CrashPlan is a great backup solution, and should be considered the best in class for enterprise backup solutions.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-05-11
Rated 4 out of 5 by from The lockdown feature ensures backups of company data for compliance, and prevents users from changing that. Valuable Features:The lockdown feature has been extremely valuable. We have been able to ensure backups of company data for compliance, and prevent users from changing that.Improvements to My Organization:It has improved our ability to have complete backups for people on legal hold and also ensuring everyone is backed up for compliance reasons. The ease of use has helped our users be sufficient and cut down on technician time.Room for Improvement:Even with the constant improvements coming quarterly, I would definitely appreciate the night mode in the administrator console to be brought back.Use of Solution:We started deployment a little over a year ago.Deployment Issues:Creating custom installers was a bit of a learning curve, but we received help and documentation from our Code42 Engineer.Stability Issues:Some issues were reported in regards to high CPU usage, but usually resolved with a simple uninstall and reinstall. Occurrences were minimal.Scalability Issues:We were able to develop customized packages with LANDESK and Casper to deploy throughout company, it was easily scalable with our Hybrid solution.Customer Service:Their customer service has been outstanding. The communication is very open and consistent whenever we reach out.Technical Support:The technical support has been excellent. Even if the representative we were working with did not know the answer, it was quickly found through research or knowledge of other team members.Previous Solutions:We ended up switching due to unfriendly user experience, as well as reliability and lack of functionality. The pricing was not that different and we felt we got so much more from the product.Initial Setup:The setup was very straightforward; probably the easiest we've ever done. We the support of our engineer and the design of the product. We literally kept repeating the phrase, "That's it?", in regards to that's all we had to do; it was so simple.Implementation Team:We implemented it in-house. We had access to a dedicated engineer to walk us through and assist us. We were not transitioned away from our dedicated engineer until we were ready.ROI:Code42 Crashplan has saved us large amounts of time and money. The time spent by technicians supporting users through some over-complex interface has dropped dramatically. Support requested for restores are almost never needed due to ease of use.Cost and Licensing Advice:Do your research; some other companies might be cheaper, but the support and ease of use are well worth it. Code42 has continued its professionalism and support from when they were trying to get us as customers to doing an excellent job keeping us as customers.Other Solutions Considered:* Lenovo Online Backup aka Mozy: This did not have the controls we were looking for. Price was similar. The administration was overly complex.* Datacastle RED: Price-wise, this was the least expensive, but it also had the worst performance and least functionality.Other Advice:I can't say enough about Code42. The product has been a surprise at the ease of setup and deployment. Plus, they do an excellent job of building their customer community.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-03-12
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Setup remote backups and they continually backup changes. Valuable Features:Central DashboardImprovements to My Organization:Setup remote backups and they continually backup changes.Room for Improvement:OneDrive file backupsUse of Solution:6 monthsDeployment Issues:NoneStability Issues:NoneScalability Issues:We added licenses as needed.Customer Service:ExceptionalTechnical Support:Exceptional. Always get a native English speaker.Previous Solutions:We had several different solutions.Initial Setup:It is complex but Code42 provides a dedicated service engineer to help.Implementation Team:In house with a dedicated service engineer doing remote sessions.Cost and Licensing Advice:Work with a sales rep to get your best pricing. End of quarter pricing is great.Other Solutions Considered:Yes, Carbonite.Other Advice:It just works. And if you have a problem, chat is fast.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2016-10-05
Rated 4 out of 5 by from It allows us to bring an enterprise level backup and recovery solution over to our small business. Valuable Features:Crashplan allows us to bring an enterprise level backup and recovery solution over to our small business. The self service restore is the best feature of the product, besides "just working". It allows us to run in hybrid mode, some backups to our local devices and others to the cloud. Its VERY simple to setup and manage.Improvements to My Organization:It has taken some of the burden off of the internal IT staff to help restore "accidentally" deleted files. The dashboard allows a quick and simple view to verify that all of the backups are running as necessary.Room for Improvement:It's really hard to improve a software that is already great. They recently have added the legal hold, which allows our administrators to place a simple hold on files that need to be versioned.Use of Solution:200+Deployment Issues:I ran into a small issue when setting up the LDAP authentication scheme into our Active Directory. It wanted a different syntax than the one directly provided from the AD strings.Stability Issues:No issues with stability, only that the console loses connection to the off-site backup maybe once a week for 2-3 minutes.Scalability Issues:No issues with scalability. Add licenses, add storage and you're good to go. Adding new nodes, and licenses to users is very simple.Customer Service:Customer service is great. They preemptively reached out to me once the order has been submitted to make sure that if I have any questions, I have a technical resource to go to.Technical Support:Technical support provisioned the licensing and provided me a step by step guide to get it imported and active in the software. It also showed how to assign the cloud licenses directly to one user, or an entire group.Previous Solutions:Previously used Roaming profiles which caused issues all the time with our windows/mac environment. This software is well worth the price to prevent issues from arising.Initial Setup:Software was very simple to deploy. Changing a few variables on the install and then adding the datastore. Pushing out clients was very easy with an MSI deployment.Implementation Team:Implemented through an in-house team. The only part which was a bit tricky was the AD/LDAP integration. The automated reports and monitoring are a click away.ROI:Cannot fully speak to the ROI at this point. We will know more at 180 days.We estimate the cost of the software will save us 3 hours per file restore in lost work.Cost and Licensing Advice:The product isn't free, but the value that is given with the software functionality is top of the line. They don't nickel and dime based on things you want to accomplish.Other Solutions Considered:We evaluated a few desktop software like carbonite, but they didn't have the functionality for the price that CrashPlan offers.Other Advice:White glove support, user serviceable restores, automated report scheduling and a fantastic dashboard put this above the rest.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2016-10-05
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Review about Code42 CrashPlan Valuable Features:Flexibility of backup targets with full reporting regardless of the target. Locally backup system to on site storage, backup to their hosted cloud, backup to your third party cloud or any combination of that all with global reporting. File retention settings for version control. Security is you having control of the encryption keys for your backup. Trust no one. Unlimited cloud backup. Zero impact client. Configurable and lockable settings that you can push to single machine, group or globally.Improvements to My Organization:Crash Plan has allowed us to backup smaller field offices not on our VPN locally but still retain global reporting on backup status as well as backing up our high bandwidth offices to the cloud. It has increased our version retention from daily to every 15 min. Restoration of files from the admin console has allowed us to do no user interaction restoration of files across vast distances.Room for Improvement:Reporting could be stronger but with the API you can do a lot of reporting but it is not built in very robustly. License management could be improved currently in hybrid format you can get a total license count but not how many of those licenses are cloud vs local or how many cloud licenses are left. They are using a federated model for storage servers and i would love to see that carry over to client upgrades so that they do not all come back to my central server for the update files which could easily be stored on the storage server for distribution locally toUse of Solution:16 monthsDeployment Issues:AD integration script took some time for us to develop in a way that would work with our environment. Subsequent platform upgrades have been a challenge for us due to the unique environment we work in (very low bandwidth settings)Stability Issues:We had to tweak settings for storage servers always reporting offline due to slow responses to ping requests by the central server. Version upgrades has been a challenge for us due to our environment.Scalability Issues:We had no issues with scalability and it was one of the main features that lead us to crashplan to begin with. Our deployment has been able to grow with us with no problems.Customer Service:They have excellent documentation on their platform but their site search is challenged. They actually recommend using google to search their site to find the support documentation. Their live support has been excellent with fast response times and quick accurate answers to issues.Technical Support:They get high marks from me on support 9 out of 10 (no one gets a 10 out of me for support) They are fast and responsive to problems especially those where it is mostly my fault to begin with. They keep on top of their issues with frequent request for updates on the issues and their solutions to them.Previous Solutions:We switched from a fragmented hodge podge of different systems for different offices based on availability and suitability for that office. Moving to a single endpoint solution greatly reduced our management time and weekly reports keep us on top of any changes or problems.Initial Setup:Setup was mostly straight forward. We did have some issues with AD integration but were able to get those resolved quickly. It took some time for us to understand the order of file inclusion and exclusion get applied. The rule of thumb is exclusions run last so what ever you have in exclusions will never be backed up. We were trying to include a folder inside of a folder that we had excluded and could never get it to back up. We had to very carefully tailor the rules to get exactly what we wanted.Implementation Team:We deployed using in-house team although a vendor team was available we had done extensive work during our trial phase so going live with that was relatively easy. converting from the trial to live was so easy for us that it really was just a matter of applying the license key and then installing the clients on computers and storage servers.ROI:We have saved $1000's and a whole lot of time recovering from cryptoware infections and data recovery that with the old system would have resulted in data loss or having to pay the ransom.Cost and Licensing Advice:Know your environment. Budget extra licenses to cover cold storage of inactive users to cover your data retention policies. We keep data for 6 months to a year after an employee has left the organization this consumes a licenseOther Solutions Considered:We evaluated several. Retrospect, Carbonite, Baraccudaware, Data Protection Manager. None were as flexible in architecture or pricing. Their flexibility was the main selling point for us as we have some unique requirements.Other Advice:This is an endpoint backup solution. Do not look to them for server or database backup that is not what they excel at. Laptops and desktops where you need user files only is what this product is designed for. We have trialed them for file servers but found that larger amounts of files or archive sizes (multi terabyte and millions of files) cause problems with their system.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2016-10-05
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