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CDW’s Solution to Optimize Your Software

CDW data-driven software management, powered by Clearfind, provides visibility into your software environment and delivers cost-saving recommendations. Now, there’s a solution!

Experience Cost Savings

Research shows that the vast majority of business leaders intend to increase their software investments. Yet they don’t want to do so in a vacuum, without fully understanding current costs and capabilities. Allow CDW, powered by Clearfind, to improve decision-making and increase your ROI with continuous analysis and optimization of your software portfolio.

Reinvent Work and Unlock Faster Collaboration

Software insights are especially valuable for CIOs and CTOs, who need a consistent evaluation process that covers everything from niche software to major enterprise tools. It also helps chief financial officers, who need data to rationalize and inform their spending decisions, as well as to measure the return on their investments. An organization’s innovation leaders also benefit by being able to analyze the potential uses of new and existing software solutions. Explore CDW’s Software Optimization of over 50,000 Products and 500 Categories today.