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Networking Modernization

Optimizing Enterprise Networking for Modern Work

Amazing happens when workers stay connected. By investing in your network infrastructure, modern organizations can optimize networking to keep pace with user growth, hybrid work continuation, bandwidth requirements, and cloud expansion.

What Are Enterprise Networking Solutions?

Enterprise Networking Solutions combine products and services to improve product performance, reduce costs, and streamline network management. To be ready for digital transformation, a network must be prepared to meet the demands of emerging technologies and services. Our Hybrid Infrastructure experts can help you to take advantage of emerging network capabilities, such as software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) with secure access service edge (SASE) security, Wi-Fi 6E, Net Ops 2.0, and the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling you to increase agility, enhance connectivity, and simply performance management.

Network Modernization

To rise to the challenge of digital transformation, especially in the face of hybrid work, networks must be primed to meet the demands of next-generation technologies while keeping pace with evolving applications, services and business processes. We work with your IT team to simplify network operations and automate routine management tasks for greater productivity and network efficiency.

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Network Security

Responsibility for modern security extends beyond your organization’s security team. Hackers are using more comprehensive tools to gain network access, while internal users seem less aware of how to protect themselves. And, as new components are added to your network, the number of vulnerabilities and alerts increases, putting your organization and its end users at risk. CDW works with you to create trust boundaries that help support zero-trust security and proactively implement solutions that buoy network protection.

Wireless Networking

With the influx of today’s advanced technologies, it’s imperative to have a strong, scalable wireless network infrastructure. Whether you’re a rural entity or an urban organization, we’ll work with you to achieve always-connected, always-on mobility via your wireless infrastructure.

CDW can upgrade and prepare your networking for the future. Please complete our short form and a networking expert will be in touch soon.

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This Year’s Wi-Fi Changes and What They Mean for Your Organization

With its enhanced capabilities and unprecedented performance, Wi-Fi 6E can help ensure your organization has the seamless connectivity that is crucial for productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

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