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Digital Transformation for Manufacturing is the New Industrial Revolution

Also called Industry 4.0, the data collected by the Internet of Things (IoT) in manufacturing is making factories the safest and most productive they’ve ever been.

CDW can orchestrate a digital transformation strategy that helps manufacturers leverage all the new data that IoT provides to more effectively monitor production lines, streamline maintenance, bolster factory security and reduce operating costs.

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Transform Operations with a Smart, Connected Factory

Industrial IoT allows plant operators to make in-context, real-time business decisions that increase your bottom line.

Increase operational efficiency.

Data from connected sensors and intelligent machines help companies determine what parts of their processes are wasteful or problematic. Artificial intelligence in manufacturing can also help predict how to best automate assembly machines that use parts from different suppliers. And with central data collection to a cloud platform, manufacturers don’t need to send engineers to analyze individual machines.

Reduce factory downtime.

Predictive analytics makes it easy to determine when machines will need maintenance, enabling technicians to perform maintenance with minimal disruptions and reducing the risk of breakdowns.

Improve worker safety.

An enhanced video surveillance system, combined with real-time location systems (RTLS), can increase visibility and response to worker safety incidents and pinpoint worker location in the event of an emergency.

Featured CDW Digital Transformation Solutions for Manufacturing

Trends in IoT in Manufacturing

How IoT Drives Big Savings for Manufacturers

See how IoT applications can help manufacturers eliminate weak links in their supply chains, more accurately monitor machine health and increase factory uptime by limiting unscheduled maintainence on machines.

IoT Presents New Opportunities — And Challenges — for Manufacturers

Smart manufacturing technologies are driving new sources of revenue, but manufacturers must ensure their networks are prepared for the new influx of data — fortunately, a cloud infrastructure can help.

Manufacturing Companies Reinvent Themselves with Digital Manufacturing

From IoT in the supply chain to intelligent machines, manufacturers are finding it necessary to invest in smart manufacturing technologies to stay competitive.

Why CDW for Digital Transformation?

Our years of experience, knowledge and partnerships with leading technology providers can help you navigate the complexity of digital transformation and implement a solution that streamlines your plant operations and increases your production and your bottom line. 

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