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Strategic Application Modernization Assessment

Amazing happens when legacy app snags are a thing of the past.

Monolithic applications can slow down digital transformation and make it impossible to keep up with changing customer expectations. Modernize legacy systems with CDW’s Strategic Application Modernization Assessment (SAMA). Our fully automated, proprietary reporting tool analyzes your organization's application portfolio based on age, security and complexity issues.

Application Modernization Benefits

Increase ROI

Extend the life of your monolithic applications and minimize technical debt by determining the most cost-effective option for modernization.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Enable the ability to deliver new features faster, offer new services, integrate modern technologies, provide a seamless customer experience, and more.

Strengthen Application Security

Outdated applications that cannot be supported by modern security standards can provide an open gateway for threats. Modernization greatly mitigates those vulnerabilities.

Improve Reliability

Through modernization, you can eliminate outdated code, bugs and roadblocks preventing an app from performing consistently.

Adopt Cloud Technology

Modernizing legacy applications enables you to migrate them to the cloud, unlocking new levels of agility and the ability to scale resources as needed.

Simplify Maintenance

Reduce the amount of resources, time and budget it requires to run and update an application by eliminating outdated code and tedious processes through modernization.

Key Steps in Application Modernization

1. Rehost

Also known as a “lift and shift” migration, rehosting means migrating a workload to a public cloud environment without modifications.

2. Refactor

Refactoring involves making changes to an app’s code without altering its overall functionality. This can improve performance and reduce maintenance burdens.

3. Rebuild

Sometimes called “revise” or “rewrite,” this option results in more fundamental changes that lead to improved functionality.

4. Replatform

With this option, an application is moved to the public cloud, but it is first overhauled to make it more cloud-native, often via containerization.

5. Retain

During a modernization effort, leaders may decide to leave some applications alone, especially those employed by relatively few users.

6. Retire

In some cases, leaders may decide that an application is no longer necessary and opt to retire it completely.

7. Replace

Finally, it may make sense to replace some applications with new off-the-shelf solutions. This is often a fast and cost-effective option, but project leaders must ensure that the replacement app will fully meet the organization’s needs.


Using Serverless to Build and Modernize Applications for Scale

Adopting serverless technology can enable an organization to deliver better applications, faster, by enabling modern DevOps methods and more efficient processes. Learn more about the building applications using serverless technology by reading this article from one of our application modernization experts.

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Strategic Application Modernization Assessment

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