Discover the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Are you ready to transform your customer experience?

Our Expertise to Improve Your Customer Experience Matters

CDW's Intelligent CX team delivers professional services in emerging and innovative technologies that directly influence our clients' ability to deliver next generation customer experiences. Get full support from deployment to daily use with Intelligent CX from CDW. 

  • Automated AI Agents: Divert chat and voice call volume from human agents. Increase customer satisfaction through self-service. Decrease AHT for operational efficiency.

  • Voice Biometrics: Increase security and expand self-service use cases. Lower human agent data collection times for decreased AHT.

  • Custom Text-to-Speech Modeling: Build brand loyalty and leverage existing brand awareness. Increase virtual agent engagement.

  • AI Insights and Visualizations: Real-time business intelligence. A deeper understanding of CX interactions and continuous improvement.

  • Automatic Compliance and Redaction: Reduce operational risk while enabling WFM. Expand virtual agents to regulated industries. Gain insights and analysis on PII and PCI-related data.


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