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CDW Amplified™ Data Services, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services, offer actionable insights that give you a stark competitive advantage. Design, build and deploy a modern data platform built for analytics and AI/ML solutions with optimal storing, transforming, discovering and operationalizing of your data.

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What are you missing by not having a modern data strategy?

Drive More Revenue

Aligning your data strategy with your market demands ensures your competitive edge by providing a path to deliver new features and improve outcomes for your customers. Operating on data processes that cannot iterate or with legacy data platforms that can’t be leveraged by teams across the enterprise prevents innovation. Creating a modern data strategy oftentakes multiple vendors and complex solutions across your IT infrastructure. CDW AmplifiedTM Data Services consultants and technicians envision, build and manage a data platform solution tailored to deliver the insights you need in real time.

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Drive Efficient Data Management

Organizations are collecting more data than ever, but getting maximum business value out of that data takes a modern data platform. Legacy systems cannot keep up with the scale of today’s data. CDW AmplifiedTM Data Services builds solutions to modernize your data warehouse that keeps up with the changing needs of your business. We work with multiple vendors and platforms to meet your database needs, combining our consulting and technical expertise to identify key business opportunities and create a progressive migration and implementation plan for your new data warehouse.

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Monetize Your Data

A modern data warehouse can be overwhelming without the right tools to deliver on key insights. CDW experts can design and architect solutions that allow for advanced data visualization, data governance and even AIOps. We work across multiple leading vendors – such as Microsoft, AWS, Google, IBM, Splunk, Tableau and others – to quickly create and implement a custom data solution that fits the needs of your business.

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Should you invest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Business Advantages of AI/ML

A successful AI/ML program reduces operational costs, improves internal processes and efficiencies by eliminating duplicate or manual work, and adds differentiator features to internal products for greater sales. CDW’s AI/ML architects analyze your business requirements and provide concrete solution recommendations for the improvements needed across your entire organization to see full value from your AI/ML solution.

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Machine Learning Analytics

Once you’ve solved the problem of organizing and accessing your data, you begun gaining insights through data analytics and data visualization. When you’re accessing data en masse, how can you harness insights even faster? By building and training machine learning models on your enterprise, you’ll be enable to to instantly analyze huge amounts of data and predict and proactively respond to emerging customer behavior and demands.

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Artificial Intelligence Data Analytics

Developing AI programs for any of your traditional business processes can lead to huge operational enhancements. The right AI solution can reduce labor and turnover costs and improve functions such as customer support satisfaction and consistency. CDW’s AI/ML experts prove the value of artificial intelligence and machine learning through minimum viable model (MVM) creation, which shows the efficiency gains and operational enhancements you can take to market with the data you have available.

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