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Do More With Your Data

Talk to a CDW Amplified Data expert about your data modernization or artificial intelligence or machine learning needs.

Make Data-Driven Decisions That Drive Revenue

Our experts design, build and deploy modern data platforms built for analytics and AI/ML solutions with optimal storing, transforming, discovering and operationalizing of your data.

Data Warehouse Modernization. Organizations are collecting more data than ever, but getting maximum business value out of that data takes a modern data platform. Legacy systems cannot keep up with the scale of today’s data. CDW Amplified™ Data Services builds solutions to modernize your data warehouse that keeps up with the changing needs of your business. We work with multiple vendors and platforms to meet your database needs, combining our consulting and technical expertise to identify key business opportunities and create a progressive migration and implementation plan for your new data warehouse.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Developing AI programs for any of your traditional business processes can lead to huge operational enhancements. The right AI solution can reduce labor and turnover costs and improve functions such as customer support satisfaction and consistency. CDW’s AI/ML experts prove the value of artificial intelligence and machine learning through minimum viable model (MVM) creation, which shows the efficiency gains and operational enhancements you can take to market with the data you have available.


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