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Protect computers, servers and critical hardware components from damage due to power outages and voltage variances with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery backup. A UPS is a device that connects the computer and the power outlet. It comes with a battery that kick-starts when there’s a power failure.


Businesses can ill afford downtime caused by power disturbances, which lead to to compromised productivity and financial risks. UPS power backups provide electrical energy if the regular source fails, ensuring continuity of important equipment. The life expectancy of UPS batteries varies, which is why it’s important to carry out UPS battery replacements at regular intervals, per manufacturer recommendation. This ensures the power backup device is in top condition to safeguard your devices and IT infrastructure from unexpected power issues.

Specifically designed to fit in racks, rackmount UPS devices work well for server and networking applications. These appliances are ideal for workplaces and businesses since they supply uninterrupted power to all hardware components and ensure continuous internet connectivity.

Investing in a UPS system shields against power variances like voltage spikes and surges. The UPS acts like a filter that permits only steady power to reach your devices, preventing damage to sensitive gadgets such as desktops. With a UPS, you’re never at risk of losing data or precious work — there’s always enough time to save your work, even when a power failure strikes. Check out a wide range of UPS battery backups and UPS accessories to keep your business up and running even amid a power outage.

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