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The Continuing Evolution of SCADA Networks

When it comes to networking physical assets securely and reliably, the energy and utility industries have been leaders for many years. Organizations in these sectors, which often maintain remote networks of physical equipment, have long relied on technologies such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks and industrial control system (ICS) technology to monitor, manage and automate their critical infrastructure.

Learn about the benefits of application monitoring and how to make a vulnerability management plan.

We Get SCADA Security Demands Multilayered Risk Management

Now that SCADA systems connect with IT networks, IoT, the cloud and mobile devices, the risk of cyberattack has escalated exponentially. You can count on CDW to help you effectively safeguard your critical infrastructure with an integrated security strategy.

Vulnerability Management

Monitor your environment to rapidly identify vulnerabilities, and prioritize and validate patches or other risk mitigations.

Password Management

Comprehensive password creation, authentication, storage and management policies are vital to preventing unauthorized access to SCADA networks.

Application Control

Using a single platform, allow only approved software to run on your system, maintain a controlled inventory of approved software and know which devices have the software installed.

Network Access Control

Ensure that only authorized users and devices are allowed to access your network, and use privileged access management to determine appropriate levels of permissions.


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Infrastructures dating back almost 100 years make adopting new technologies difficult – if not impossible – without modernization. Learn more about today’s energy and utility organizational challenges.

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