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Together we provide a digital performance platform to improve every aspect of your business.

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In today’s cloud-mobile world, digital performance defines business success. That’s why Riverbed delivers a complete view — from end users, to networks, to infrastructure to applications — to help you reach new levels of performance and gain a competitive edge.

Performance for the Digital Age

The delivery of digital services and apps is critical for future business success. This need will only continue to rise as companies race to develop new processes and business models to secure a lasting competitive edge.



Connecting Ideas to the Future on the Digital River

Organizations are closing the distance between people and ideas, leveraging digital experience management, next-gen cloud networking and cloud-edge solutions to transform business and the user experience. See how today’s ever flowing digital river is bringing entirely new possibilities for innovation, creativity, breakthroughs and life.


Riverbed Digital Performance Platform

Recognizing the need to maximize digital performance, Riverbed offers a unified and integrated platform that delivers new levels of operational agility and accelerates success in digital business outcomes.

The digitalization at Maersk Line has been significant. Five years ago, 20 percent of our revenue was digital, and today it's over 90 percent. Riverbed's scalable and stable digital performance platform has been critical in helping us accelerate our business, respond quickly to changing business needs and reach our cloud and digital transformation goals.

Andy Laurence, Head of Production Services at Maersk

Riverbed SteelCentral

SteelCentral is an integrated solution from Riverbed with the tools to monitor and and analyze application, network and infrastructure performance.

With [Riverbed], our team can now effectively monitor end-user experience for any business-critical application in our vast IT environment. It gives everyone, including key business decision makers, confidence in our ability to deliver digital excellence. People have more enthusiasm to look at the problems, to be proactive, and to make our customer journeys as effective as possible.

Matt Greaves, Technology Director at Travis Perkins plc

Riverbed Solutions

Riverbed's portfolio of digital performance solutions work broadly across your business landscape to optimize the apps and services you depend on to power today’s digital experiences.

We’ve been totally impressed with the performance we’ve been able to deliver using the Riverbed platform. It’s been a powerful enabler of our digital transformation strategy, empowering me and my team to deliver tangible outcomes for the business. In an industry where competition is stiff – and being at the forefront is critical – this is everything.

Pratap Gharge, Executive President and CIO, Bajaj Electricals Ltd

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