Proofpoint and CDW

Together we protect your greatest asset and biggest risk: your people.

About Proofpoint

Proofpoint protects organizations’ biggest risks and greatest assets: their people. With an integrated, cloud-based suite of people-centric compliance and security solutions, Proofpoint helps leading organizations mitigate their most critical security and compliance risks.

Threat Protection

Today’s cyberattacks target people, not technology. Whether it’s malware, email fraud, cloud account takeover or credential phishing, cyberattacks no longer focus on breaking through network controls and cracking technical flaws. That’s why people are at the center of our cybersecurity mission.

Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

Cyber criminals know the easiest way into your business is through people. See how Proofpoint’s multi-layered security strategies and solutions help.

2021 State of the Phish Report

This annual study looks at user awareness, vulnerability and resilience to provide insights into phishing and other cyber threats—and what you can do about them.

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Seven Ways to Defend Against BEC and EAC

With Proofpoint, you can defend against Business Email Compromise and Email Account Compromise more quickly, easily and effectively. 

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Information Protection

Proofpoint’s Information Protection solutions provide visibility without the complexity and costs of legacy data protection tools. Address the full range of data risk from negligent, compromised and malicious users with their unique approach that combines content, behavior and threat telemetry.

Insider Threat Management

Proofpoint’s Insider Threat Management solution helps organizations protect against data loss and brand damage involving insiders acting maliciously, negligently or unknowingly.

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Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Proofpoint Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) protects your organization from the entire spectrum of people-centric data loss scenarios.

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Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

The right CASB can help you take a “people-centric” approach to IT security by protecting you from attacks that target human vulnerabilities.

Archiving and Compliance

It’s not easy to develop a modern data archiving strategy. Data growth plagues IT departments. Legal and compliance teams struggle to retain, discover, and supervise content across channels. Proofpoint offers modern compliance solutions that make it easy to manage information risk. 

Proofpoint Content Capture

Content Capture makes it simple for you to capture, archive and manage communications across every platform your people use.

Archiving and Compliance

With Proofpoint Archive and Compliance, you get end-to-end compliance coverage. This includes capture, storage, supervision, e-discovery and proof of compliance.

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Security for Collaboration Apps

As your workforce grows more dispersed, your employees rely more on chat and collaboration apps to sustain productivity.

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Vertical Solutions

Healthcare’s Cybersecurity Knowledge Gap

The cybersecurity stakes are especially high for healthcare firms. Successful cyberattacks can interrupt clinical practices and jeopardize patient safety.

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Providing Academic Freedom Through Isolation

Proofpoint enables academic freedom for your eduational insitution with Browser Isolation. Your users can browse the web and click freely.

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Managing Insider Threats in Financial Services

Proofpoint can help you identify, investigate and respond to insider security incidents quickly and efficiently.

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