Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions and CDW

Define a different future. Lenovo delivers IT systems, solutions and services to meet the goals of your customers. Its new ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile systems reduce cost, improve operational efficiency, simplify deployments and protect data


Lenovo servers are designed for future-defined data centers and built to maximize scalability, flexibility and cloud compatibility.

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DM/DE Series Storage Solutions: Scale Storage Seamlessly

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DE & DM Series storage solution portfolio of all-flash and hybrid flash arrays provides price, performance and scale at unmatched value. Streamline the most demanding workloads with industry leading performance.

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Lenovo Solution for SAP HANA with ThinkSystem DM/DE Series Storage

Provides a high performance, cost effective solution to extract strategic insights from your fast growing data. Supports entry through high end configurations and the ability to easily scale as the use of data grows. Accelerates deployment of SAP HANA with SAP certified Lenovo ThinkSystem infrastructure. Lowers TCO with a scalable server and storage platform for your SAP HANA landscape.

Read SAP HANA ThinkSystem DM/DE Series Storage Solution Brief (PDF)

Read Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Series for SAP HANA Solution Brief (PDF)

Read Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers and DE/DM Series Enterprise Storage for SAP HAN (PDF)

Read Unified All-Flash Enterprise Storage for SAP HANA (PDF)

What Hyperconverged Solution Is Right For You?

From switches to adapters to wireless networking, simplify IT infrastructure and increase reliability in your hybrid data center. Browse the Lenovo ThinkAgile family to find the right fit for your organization.

HC3 Edge Solution

Achieve powerful computing and edge capabilties for your small, mid- or enterprise-grade organization.

Improve and future-proof IT services today with new edge-based applications through hyperconverged technology.

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Power and protect your data center with a Lenovo and CDW custom solution.

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Power and protect your data center with a Lenovo and CDW custom solution today.