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Introducing the Lenovo ThinkPad C14 Chromebook Enterprise

Deliver the premium quality and durability you expect from Lenovo, and quick access to enterprise apps through ChromeOS. Powered by 12th Gen Intel vPro® Platform security and the Google-designed Titan C security chip, the ThinkPad C14 protects against ransomware and keeps data and identities safe with ThinkShield features like the fingerprint reader and camera shutter. 

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Designed and MIL-SPEC tested for durability and engineered with reliable, long-lifecycle components.

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The 14" FHD display with optional touch, Intel Pentium to i7 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, and up to 265GB HD space and up to 16GB RAM make this a powerhouse.

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The ThinkPad C14 Chromebook is port-rich for meeting room use, while Wi-Fi 6E and optional LTE keep cloud workers connected.

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Benefits of ChromeOS for business

Built-in Proactive Security

Reduce the threat of ransomware with a low on-device data footprint, read-only OS and verified boot.  

Industry-Class Software Experiences

Chrome Enterprise Recommended software vendor partners across identity, productivity, communications and more are verified and optimized for ChromeOS.

Simple Management

Access over 500 policies, view device analytics and remotely manage your fleet via the Google Admin console.

Modern Virtualization

Connect to Citrix, VMware, Cameyo and other VDI solutions with ultra-secure, quick to deploy ChromeOS devices that store data off-device.

Fast Deployment

ChromeOS devices deploy 76% faster than competitors* and with zero-touch enrollment, IT can remotely deploy devices straight from the factory to end users.  

A Contact Center Ecosystem

Offer a top-notch cloud-based customer service experience with ChromeOS and Chrome Enterprise Recommended Partners.

*Source: ESG Technical Review, Accelerating Device Lifecycle Management, July 2020.

CDW ChromeOS Services

CDW understands ChromeOS and offers comprehensive services to assist organizations at every step of their technology journey. Whether it’s your first time managing ChromeOS devices, or you’ve had a successful pilot and are now ready to deploy across your entire organization, we get ChromeOS.

Evaluate and Prepare

Run a proof of concept or pilot. CDW will help set up your devices, identify any challenges and refine a final adoption strategy to scale up.

Organizational Rollout

CDW helps organizations of all sizes plan, communicate, train and migrate users to your ChromeOS environment.

Managed Services and Support

CDW offers full support and management of your entire ChromeOS device lifecycle. We support your ChromeOS users and management platform.

Orchestrate a device fleet and power hybrid teams to work securely from anywhere. Contact CDW about Lenovo Chromebooks and ChromeOS today.

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Orchestrate a device fleet and power hybrid teams to work securely from anywhere. Contact CDW about Lenovo Chromebooks and ChromeOS today.