The Benefits of Upgrading Your Infrastructure to HPE SimpliVity

Hyperconvergence puts your entire virtualized IT infrastructure and advanced data services into one integrated powerhouse. Give developers the runway to rapidly deploy applications at cloud-like speed while drastically cutting costs and simplifying backup and restore. HPE SimpliVity is a powerful, enterprise-grade hyperconvergence platform that unites your server with high-performance data services that simplify and streamline your IT operations. 
HPE SimpliVity 380: Converge Your Entire Infrastructure

HPE SimpliVity 380 is a compact, scalable 2U rack-mounted building block that delivers advanced storage networking services. Improve management, protection and performance of virtualized workloads at a fraction of the cost and complexity.

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HPE SimpliVity Customers Increased Operations and Data Efficiency

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HPE Simplivity Servers


HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure and its built-in VM-centric backup capability3 can help achieve 90 percent capacity savings4 across storage and backup combined.


Using HPE SimpliVity user interface, which is fully integrated with VMware® vCenter™, you only need three clicks5 to back up, restore, move or clone a VM, all from a single console.


Using the HPE SimpliVity user interface in a central location, in less than a minute on average, you will be able to create or update backup policies for thousands of VMs across dozens of sites.


Add or replace HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged systems without any downtime, disruption to HPE SimpliVity backups or reconfiguration of HPE SimpliVity and backup policies.


HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure and its built-in backup capability take less than one minuteon average to complete a local backup or local restore of a 1 TB VM.


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1. Source: "Consider a Move to Hyperconvergence", 2017; 2. Source: "Using HPE SimpliVity's Hyperconverged Infrastructure to Improve Data Protection and Recovery Effectiveness", May 2017.; 3. The savings or efficiency are based on the assumption that you configure a backup policy to take at least one HPE SimpliVity backup per day of every virtual machine on every HPE SimpliVity system in a given VMware® Datacenter with those backups retained for 30 days. If backups are performed more frequently and/or retained for a longer period, you will enjoy even greater efficiency. The data change rate is assumed to be up to 5% per day with up to 30% growth rate of the data over a duration of 30 contiguous days.; 4. Ninety percent savings is the equivalent of 10:1 efficiency in the VMware Datacenter panel in the HPE SimpliVity tab within the VMware vSphere® Client. Efficiency is calculated across all HPE SimpliVity systems in a VMware Datacenter. It’s the ratio of storage capacity that would have been used on a comparable traditional storage solution to the physical storage that is actually used in the HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure. Comparable traditional solutions are storage systems that provide VM-level synchronous replication for storage and backup and do not include any deduplication or compression capability.; 5. Assumes that the user is starting from the view/tab in the interface that shows the VMs or backups that are being acted on. Changing default destinations are not counted in the three clicks.; 6. Time taken by applications to quiesce data is not included in the one minute because it is not in HPE SimpliVity infrastructure’s control.