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Hear industry experts discuss the future of work with Meraki and CDW. The time is now — how will you accelerate through change to succeed?

Making the Impossible Possible with Ben Nemtin

NYT Best Selling Author Ben Nemtin has built a system of achieving impossible goals through demystifying daunting tasks by turning "dreams" into "projects" and creating inspiration through action and accountability.

Secure Your Future Vision with
Seth Mattison

Future of Work Keynote Speaker Seth Mattison discusses supporting leaders who are working to define, design and deploy your own version of a more fluid, adaptive, purpose-driven and human-centered world of work.

Adapt and Thrive with
Ryan Estis

Strategic Advisor and CEO Ryan Estis prepares entrepreneurs and business owners on how to thrive in today’s increasingly connected environment. He explores progressive techniques and technology that keep pace with the evolving needs of today’s entrepreneur.

Connect with a CDW Meraki expert today at 800.800.4239

Connect with a CDW Meraki expert today at 800.800.4239

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