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Customer Experience

Orchestrated by CDW.

Plan, achieve and sustain business growth.

CDW and Cisco customer experience teams offer you reliable lifecycle management services and support to grow and sustain your business investments and goals.

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Get the most out of your technology with CDW and Cisco.

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The Customer Experience Lifecyle

Maximizing and assisting
with your business goals
and investments

Business success takes more than effort — it takes a plan. CDW and Cisco's customer experience management teams help you get the most out of your software purchases, facilitate success and assist with lifecycle management. We're with you every step of the way toward your business goals, whether it's how to achieve them or how to sustain them.

Minimize Risk

Ensure business continuity and increase uptime.

Increase Efficiency

Continually improve staff knowledge and operational processes.

Reduce Cost

Do more with less.

Support Growth

Deliver new capabilities quickly and effectively.

CDW Customer Lifecycle

CDW customer experience management helps you devise and customize a roadmap aligned to your business goals. We work with you to track your progress, measure results and adjust your plan as needed to achieve successful growth.

Envision your business goals


Determine which business goals you want to prioritize. Extensive testing via use cases and customer personas helps to identify past challenges and create an outcome-based roadmap.

Plan for success

Success Planning

Establish KPIs to measure engagement. Identify training and learning needs for your organization. Sustain your roadmap with detailed timelines and landmarks to keep you on track toward your long term goals.

Orchestrate your success

Success Orchestration

Receive full support for license administration, coordinated training and services enablement and implementation from CDW's continued advisory services.

Measure current and future growth


Track, optimize and enhance roadmap solutions through regular KPI reports. Quarterly reviews give stakeholders progress reports, relevant financials and suggested amendments to your roadmap for success.

Cisco Customer Lifecycle

At Cisco, customer experience management is a philosophy, a portfolio and a team committed to assisting you and your organization. Cisco customer experience management is an innovative new approach to engaging with customers and partners.

Transform your business

Transform Your Business

Ensure business continuity and increase uptime. Overcome common obstacles and accelerate your transition from planning, onboarding and implementation to an optimized production environment with widespread adoption of new technologies.

Increase efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Keep pace with new technologies, devices and applications by training your staff on operational processes and innovative technology. Cisco customer experience management helps you onboard solutions, facilitate user adoption and identify where to automate so things keep running smoothly.

Support growth

Support Growth

Transformation begins with a plan, but it lasts with sustained strategy and support. Cisco's customer experience management team proactively anticipates opportunities for business improvement and optimization. Devise a strategy to implement solutions, services and architecture teams that expand business growth.

CX Success Solutions

Cisco's CX Success Portfolio can help you at every step of the customer lifecycle. Maximize value from your technology investments and discover customer experience services that can grow your business and drive digital transformation.

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