Acer CDW

CDW and Acer provide flexible, reliable, secure and affordable services and solutions to meet your business needs.

About Acer

Acer designs IT products that improve usability, be it at work or leisure. Acer believes innovation isn’t the mere creation of new technologies and solutions but the guarantee that users receive the benefits of these developments and feel empowered. 

Acer Desktops and Displays

Acer's desktops come in several sizes and different configurations to fit all your needs. Connect to thin, elegant LCD/LED displays for the highest-performing display technology, or choose from portable, ultra-wide and office-friendly projectors.

Acer Notebooks

Acer's notebooks feature forward-thinking designs that range from portable 2-in-1s to powerful desktop replacements.

Acer Tablets

Built to entertain and designed to impress, Acer tablets let you enjoy stunning detail wherever life takes you.

Acer Resources

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