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How CDW Services Can Help Retailers Optimize Their Checkout Modernization Effort

Networking, application and deployment services enable stores to focus on delivering excellent customer experiences.

Digital transformation has reshaped the retail industry in recent years. Retailers are forging new relationships with customers through tools such as e-commerce applications and delivering new experiences such as touchless payments and self-checkout. 

These new ways of shopping can give retailers a competitive edge and improve the customer experience. But to enable these new capabilities, stores need to modernize their checkout solutions. This requires a robust network architecture capable of supporting advanced tools reliably and securely. Retailers also need to make sure their applications have been modernized to deliver new capabilities and integrate new tools effectively into their IT ecosystems. 

Achieving these objectives can be a major challenge for any retailer. Many turn to third-party partners for networking, application modernization and deployment services to enable new capabilities and modernize the checkout experience.

Networking Services Support New Retail Tools

For modernized checkout solutions to deliver the experiences customers expect, retail networks must be reliable, secure and robust. Stores need networks that provide uninterrupted connectivity for both customers and employees, enable mobility for sales associates and support data services throughout the location. 

Software-defined WAN solutions deliver many of the capabilities retailers need in their networks while providing visibility, manageability and security to help IT teams achieve their objectives as well. To assist stores in deploying SD-WAN solutions, CDW offers its SD-WAN Workshop. This service helps IT and business leaders understand how an SD-WAN can help them achieve their business objectives and which solution best meets their needs. 

Many retails also need to upgrade their network infrastructure to support the additional demands of digital transformation. During a Network Health Check engagement, CDW experts conduct a thorough review of a retailer’s wired and wireless network infrastructure and deliver detailed recommendations for how the retailer can make improvements to better achieve its objectives.

App Modernization Helps Retailers Meet Customer Needs

For customers to use a retailer’s app, it must deliver tangible value and perform effectively. Many retailers face challenges keeping up with the pace of innovation in their applications. CDW Application Modernization services help retailers overcome these challenges. 

CDW’s Application Modernization services help retailers map out interdependencies within apps to ensure the smooth flow of data traffic. Our services also review network and security environments to help retailers meet their infrastructure and data protection needs. We also help with app design and configuration and assist developers in establishing a baseline for continuous improvement and continuous delivery.

Deployment Services Ease the Rollout of New Systems

As retailers deploy new technologies such as checkout modernization solutions, they must make sure these tools are set up for success. Deployment services from a partner such as CDW can ensure that this is the case. 

In this engagement, CDW’s experts help retailers deploy new solutions, such as mobile point-of-sale systems. The experience of our experts can help retailers avoid configuration problems and ensure that users get the most out of their investments by integrating new tools with existing systems.

Ultimately, retailers who effectively modernize their checkout systems will give themselves an edge over their competitors. CDW services can make this process simpler and easier.

Story by Wali Azim

Wali Azim

CDW Expert
CDW Expert