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Are you prepared to support Digital Transformation at scale?

Prepare for digital transformation.

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Digital transformation is a journey that can help any organization. Use this checklist to help ensure you’re prepared to fully embrace ServiceNow capabilities as you move toward achieving digital transformation.

Key Considerations to Incorporate ServiceNow Capabilities on Your Digital Transformation Journey

Do you have a modern IT Operational Backbone?

To successfully support enterprise digital transformation initiatives, you need an IT organization that is laser-focused on providing services with performance and cost characteristics that drive business outcomes. This means shifting IT from its traditional role that comes with operational constraints that can impede transformation efforts, to a strategic partner that runs IT like a business, leveraging an agile delivery approach. At the core of this transformation is ServiceNow’s industry-leading, cloud-based platform, which provides a modern IT Operational Backbone that elevates IT’s ability to support enterprise digital transformation strategies in four key areas:

  • Standardized processes that are modern, automated and managed across disparate functional teams and activities.
  • Shared data that supports operational and business insights and acts as a repository for a single source of truth.
  • Shared applications to ensure agility and eliminate overlap of competing capabilities.
  • Shared technologies managed in service bundles to promote efficient digital product ecosystems.

Are you ready to shift your mindset to digital portfolio management?

Are you prepared to shift your trajectory from a project focus to a digital product focus? This shift gives your organization line of sight into strategic digital value streams that incorporate the holistic set of applications, technologies services and processes that support digital products, and provides an important operational and investment view that allows you to be a better partner on digital transformation initiatives.

Do you need to rethink your current operating model?

Does your IT operating model provide the value and agility your partners need to support digital transformation strategies? IT organizations that are primarily focused on providing technology in silos of knowledge are ill prepared to support fast-moving digital transformation initiatives. This often leads to shadow IT with divergent strategies that increase operational risks and costs. Digital Transformation requires a Service-Aligned Operating Model that provides quicker, value-added IT engagement through strategic services that partners want to support digital strategies and products. This strengthens the trust between IT and the business units, and results in better digital transformation outcomes.

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As you continue on your ServiceNow journey, review our roadmap to understand what to expect before, during and after your investment.