December 08, 2023

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Unlocking the Power of Apple Device Management with CDW's Professional Services

Comprehensive CDW services assist organizations in choosing the right tools.

In today's digital age, managing Apple devices within an organization is a critical aspect of maintaining a secure and efficient workspace. Research undertaken by Forrester indicates significant potential benefits from choosing Mac in the workplace, including:

  • Improved employee productivity, 48 hours per employee
  • 20 percent improved employee retention among Mac users
  • Improved overall security – a reduced risk of data breaches by 50 percent per deployed Mac

CDW's professional services are here to assist in capitalizing on this growing employee trend. We offer comprehensive solutions designed to simplify and enhance your IT operations, including deployment, management, support and security for Apple devices. Our approach centers on three key device management platforms: Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE and Jamf Pro. Whether you prioritize cross-platform management, Apple ecosystem expertise or unified endpoint management, CDW's solutions ensure your organization's Apple devices are secure, efficient and optimized for productivity.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune brings the power of unified endpoint management to Apple devices. What sets Intune apart is its integration with the broader Microsoft ecosystem. It seamlessly manages Apple devices alongside Windows-based devices, creating a cohesive management experience between apps. This integration extends to security policies, app deployments and user access control, allowing organizations to maintain consistency and security across their entire device fleet.

VMware Workspace ONE

VMware Workspace ONE stands out in the realm of Apple device management with its seamless, cross-platform approach. It enables organizations to manage Apple devices effortlessly and effectively. What sets Workspace ONE apart is its unified endpoint management, allowing IT teams to oversee all devices, including Apple devices, from a single, user-friendly console. This consolidated management streamlines processes, improves efficiency and enhances security.

Jamf Pro

Jamf Pro takes center stage when it comes to managing Apple devices. Its uniqueness lies in its specialization in the Apple ecosystem. This focus translates into in-depth knowledge of Apple's operating systems and a rich set of features tailored specifically for these devices. From app deployment to configuration management, Jamf Pro offers a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify Apple device management.

Choosing the Right Tool for Your Organization

While each of these tools offer unique advantages, selecting the right one for your organization ultimately depends on the specific needs of your existing technology infrastructure.

Please contact your sales representative to engage in a conversation regarding the distinct advantages offered by each platform as well as the following device management topics:

  • Seamlessly integrate with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager
  • Effortless zero-touch device enrollment
  • Comprehensive device configuration and security policy customization
  • Robust FileVault encryption
  • Streamlined deployment of software updates
  • Efficient packaging and distribution of applications
  • Enhanced security against threats via activation lock

Vince Kasparian

Emerging Technology Engineer
Story by Vince Kasparian, an Emerging Technology Engineer. He has been with CDW for eight years. His responsibilities include helping design, create and implement services for both Microsoft and Apple around device endpoint management and security. Vince is a Jamf Certified Tech, working toward being a Jamf Certified Admin.