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4 Benefits of CDW Technology Support Services

A warranty support engagement with CDW ensures that organizations can solve problems and get back to business.

When IT tools work perfectly, everyone is happy. But as anyone who’s ever had a problem with their cellphone service or cable bill knows, the true test of a company’s customer service is what happens when things go sideways. If something stops working, business and IT leaders need to know that they’ll be able to get their environments back up and running again as quickly (and painlessly) as possible.

Learn how CDW Amplified™ Support services can keep your organization running smoothly.

That’s why we offer CDW Technology Support services, a value-added warranty support program. Clients who purchase the service receive access to highly experienced CDW engineers who can handle their hardware and software support needs, provide personalized service and quick response times, and deliver onsite support for hardware replacements.

Currently, the service is available exclusively for Cisco products, but CDW is in the process of expanding CDW Technology Support to other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Ultimately, this should offer a one-stop shop for clients to quickly resolve issues across their IT environments.

Here are four ways that CDW Technology Support is already making life easier for business and IT leaders.

1. Faster Resolution

When something goes wrong, you want it resolved right away. We have over 20 years of experience providing managed services to clients and have OEM-certified engineering talent standing by to support our clients. Clients can expect to have an engineer assigned to their problem quickly, and that engineer will stay with the problem until it is resolved.

When hardware is defective and needs to be replaced, we offer service-level agreements with turnaround times as short as four hours. From the time a client and CDW engineer determine the hardware is defective, we’ll have an engineer out to replace the part within that four-hour window, and everything will be back up and running. This is a significant improvement from other approaches where a client might have to spend hours troubleshooting on the phone over a period of several days before a replacement part is sent, and then the client is responsible for the replacement and return of the defective hardware. We perform the onsite service at no additional charge.

2. Continuous Support

CDW Technology Support provides around-the-clock assistance via a dedicated service desk, every hour of the day and every day of the year. CDW Technology Support also provides a dedicated support number, email address and ServiceNow login to open and view case status online. So, if you have a switch fail on Christmas Eve or a router die on July 4, you’ll know who to call — and you can be confident you’ll get your problem solved.

3. Easy Escalation with the OEM

In instances where the OEM needs to be brought in to help solve a problem, CDW Technology Support handles this escalation and subsequent interaction. This not only saves the client the time and hassle of another phone call, but also ensures that cases will receive immediate attention thanks to CDW’s long-standing relationships with OEMs — an especially valuable feature when there’s any sort of complication or undocumented bug.

For instance, we recently worked with an organization that needed a router replaced, but the serial number wasn’t logged in the OEM’s systems due to an unusual issue with a previous return. We were able to get the issue straightened out and provide immediate assistance.

4. Access to Qualified Engineers

Particularly for smaller customers that lack a large internal IT staff, access to our engineers is one of the biggest benefits of CDW Technology Support. A layperson at an organization can call in and report an issue and be confident that a trained engineer will begin working to solve the problem.

Cindy Lee

Cindy Lee

CDW Expert
Cindy Lee is the manager of support services. She leads a team of support service advisors dedicated to the pre-sales and post-sales support of CDW Technology Support and CDW Extended Support nationally.