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Are You Prepared to Meet Today’s Cybersecurity Challenges?

Take pressure off your security team.

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Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving – and demanding more time, resources, and expertise from your IT team. To combat this, a growing number of organizations are augmenting internal security resources with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions, which provide expert support and 24/7 monitoring. Use this checklist to help determine if an MDR solution could meet your organization’s cybersecurity needs.

Key Considerations for Leveraging a Managed Detection and Response Solution

Does your team have the time and skill sets to quickly respond to a security incident?

Dealing with the growing complexity of cybersecurity on your own requires deep expertise and resources. Is your team trained and equipped to identify and respond to a wide variety of security threats? Does your team only require prioritized alerting for low-level threats or is a full-service solution needed? Is your organization ready to handle an incident 24/7?

Cyberattacks don’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule. What happens if an incident occurs after hours, over the weekend or on a holiday? What if it happens during a particularly busy time? MDR eases that burden on your team by providing around-the-clock monitoring and access to live security experts. Should an incident occur, those experts can investigate and respond based on a defined playbook.

Does your team know what an active incident looks like?

Not all cyberattacks may be glaringly visible at first. Many, like ransomware, are often subtle and evasive until it’s too late. The number and types of threats are also growing. Additionally, not all red flags indicate a security threat. Not only does MDR identify and highlight active threats, it also sifts through the false positives, reducing the noise that can distract your team.

Do you have confidence in your organization’s internal processes?

Does your organization have a formalized process or playbook for handling an incident? Does each party know its roles and responsibilities? A key part of most MDR solutions is the development of a playbook that defines how all parties work together in the event of an incident. Ensuring that the proper response occurs in a timely manner is critical.

How much confidence do you have in your backups?

When was the last time you restored your organization’s data entirely from backups? If a security incident were to occur, would restoring from your backup data be enough to allow business to continue with minimal disruption? Many organizations believe their backups are sufficient, but relying solely on them presents risk. MDR can identify and isolate threats in real time, reducing the likelihood you’ll need to face that risk.

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As you continue on your MDR journey, review our roadmap to understand what to expect before, during and after your investment.