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Is AI the Answer for Enhanced Operations and Services?

Optimizing workflows with advanced infrastructure solutions is a healthy long-term strategy.

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The Patient Bone Is Connected to the Operations Bone

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percentage of customers who will abandon a brand after only one or two negative interactions1

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percentage of U.S. healthcare executives who believe AI and machine learning are effective at improving operational performance2

How can AI drive better user experiences and simplify operations?

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Guiding a Healthcare System to an
AI-driven Cloud Infrastructure

After upgrading their electronic health records (EHRs), a nonprofit healthcare system realized infrastructure solutions could now help them achieve a more innovative, cost-effective, agile environment.
Working with CDW, the customer defined the following needs:
  • A comprehensive onsite wireless assessment
  • Help determining their infrastructure needs
  • Infrastructure upgrade recommendations
  • Implementation support for those recommendations

Assessments Lead to an Advanced
Infrastructure Solution

The healthcare system realized their current technology — and technology partner — were inadequate for supporting their preferred EHR mobile app, Epic Rover. 

CDW Managed Services experts started with full onsite hardware and wireless assessments to map optimal coverage in combination with structured cabling recommendations and access point placements. 

Based on the assessments, CDW recommended and implemented a Juniper Mist cloud infrastructure throughout the healthcare system. Juniper Mist uses a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science techniques to quickly implement universal changes and reduce IT workloads. CDW also completed a cable run while delivering the Juniper gear.

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CDW Managed Services
We can help you manage your most complex infrastructure and applications with secure, holistic solutions. Our services can be tailored to your goals as we help identify the service level that meets your needs and budget. 
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An Optimized, More
Cost-effective Network

Juniper Mist gave the healthcare system access to an AI-driven virtual network assistant that helped optimize and manage their wireless network. They also discovered cost savings by spending less than expected on hardware and wireless assessments.
Here’s why it worked:
  • Network technical resources and professional services consultants worked together with the healthcare system to develop a comprehensive success plan.
  • A full lifecycle approach — from pre-sales and services delivery all the way to supply chain management — gave the healthcare system unmatched value.
  • Flexible automation simplifies setting up, configuring and refreshing networks in multiple locations.
  • Industry-leading AI expands visibility so the healthcare system can see and resolve network issues faster, and machine learning presents new opportunities to improve patient experiences using large datasets.
What’s next?
The healthcare system can leverage the agility of its new IT infrastructure to discover efficiencies and improve outcomes. Plus, leaders are now confident their infrastructure will be able to handle future enhancements.

1 NICE, “2022 Digital-First Customer Experience Report,” 2022 
2 Insider Intelligence, “Use of AI in healthcare and medicine is booming — here’s how the medical field is benefiting from AI in 2023 and beyond,” 2023 

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