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Rest in Peace Microsoft Windows 7

Today we mourn the loss of an iconic operating system.

Microsoft Windows 7 (October 22, 2009 - January 14, 2020), once hailed as the best-selling operating system of all time, passed peacefully Tuesday morning, surrounded by friends, family and longtime users. It was 10.

A daily companion to millions of users, it will be dearly missed. We will think of it fondly as it goes to the final big blue screen in the sky.

Thought to be a return to form for Microsoft, Windows 7 is known to have delighted users throughout the decade, offering increased performance and intuitive usability. Windows 7 users welcomed back the familiar Microsoft interface and easy-to-navigate Start Menu. It was reliable, stable and a calming presence to many after years of Vista-filled turmoil.

Windows 7 is preceded in death by Windows XP, Windows Vista and Clippy the Microsoft Office assistant. It is survived by Windows 8 and Windows 10.

In lieu of flowers, please consider upgrading to a Windows 11 device

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