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Maximize Classroom Technology Investments With Effective AV Solutions

Discover strategic ways to future-proof your classroom technology investments and enhance the educational experience without breaking the bank.

Adopting modern classroom technology has become incredibly important for delivering high-quality education. The term “classroom technology” no longer calls to mind the chalkboard or even the overhead projector. Instead, it conjures images of interactive whiteboards, tablets and numerous devices and software designed to enhance the educational experience.

As the educational landscape evolves, some schools are hesitant to embrace new technology due to high costs. Small schools, in particular, face the challenge of meeting the expectations and needs of parents and students with limited resources. How can they bridge the gap between educational innovation and fiscal prudence, especially in the audio/video (AV) arena?

As federal funding declines, the role of IT leaders, instructional designers and school administrators becomes even more crucial. They must make strategic decisions that shift the focus from “nice-to-have” technologies to “need-to-have” essentials that enhance learning outcomes and instructional effectiveness.

To enable a future-proof educational environment where schools can maximize their existing classroom technology investments, IT leaders should consider delivering an educational experience that is effective and engaging for teachers and students, and scalable and manageable for IT directors.

Rest assured, there are numerous ways to create a more cost-effective, impactful classroom technology solution that won’t strain your budget.

Creating an Effective and Engaging Educational Experience With Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs)

Any AV technology that adds to the educator’s workload is a barrier, not an aid. Therefore, it's important to consider intuitive and easily integrated solutions that seamlessly fit into daily lessons, enhancing the learning experience rather than complicating it.

Schools could invest in interactive flat panels (IFPs) certified under the Enterprise Device License Agreement (EDLA) to streamline the user experience and enhance student engagement.

Investing in EDLA-certified IFPs adds convenience for teachers. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages is the presence of the official Google Play Store, which gives teachers direct access to download and install apps on their boards. The extensive library, educational games and productivity tools on a large interactive screen can open many possibilities for teaching and learning. 

Additionally, the EDLA certification means that the school’s devices will get Android updates from Google, including crucial security updates. This ensures that new displays will be safe, secure and reliable, no matter which manufacturer a school chooses for their learning environments.

How IFPs and Classroom Technology Devices Can Aid in Sustainability

Upgrading to the latest operating system is a sustainable solution for small schools. A major benefit of Google EDLA-certified IFPs is that they come with the latest Android operating system, meaning they will last longer than non-EDLA interactive flat panels which will become obsolete sooner.

Other schools that can benefit from IFPs with the latest operating system are charter schools. These schools have the flexibility to use their own funding sources to improve their classroom technology, but upgrading their devices to the latest operating system works in their favor. As charter schools expand their campuses, upgrading to the latest operating system has the potential for long-term sustainability. It can be enhanced, upgraded and adapted as time progresses.

In contrast, purchasing an outdated system doesn't offer the same flexibility regarding management, upgrades or future adaptability.

Modernize AV Without Expanding Your Budget

A trusted IT partner can give smaller schools guidance to make sustainable and budget-friendly AV decisions. With expert advice, your IT leaders can safeguard investments against obsolete equipment.

At CDW, we understand that every school will have a unique financial situation based on their funding and mission.  

Partnering with CDW Education for Strategic AV Optimization

Navigating the AV market can be overwhelming for small schools, balancing the need for cutting-edge solutions with budget constraints. CDW Education stands as a beacon, providing a dedicated team of specialists to aid in the design, planning and implementation of K-12 AV technology at no extra cost. With services tailored to data, development, infrastructure and security under CDW Amplified™ Solutions, small schools can align their classroom technology investments to their unique educational objectives.

A Vendor-Neutral Approach

CDW Education can help you craft an AV roadmap incorporating strategies to deploy sustainable solutions, rather than technical transactions, in an ever-evolving technological landscape. We understand the complexities of classroom modernization and the changes in the interactive display market. With a vendor-neutral approach, we can help you navigate the questions and concerns you might have and find the right classroom technology tools and practices that meet your unique needs.

CDW Education offers a comprehensive suite of services to future-proof your technology investments and deliver cost-effective classroom technology solutions in K-12 education. These services range from obtaining second opinions and RFP ideas to discussing integration partners and phasing out obsolete technology. 


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Maureen Corlett

Maureen Corlett

CDW Education Manager of the Classroom Modernization Team
Maureen Corlett, the CDW Education manager of the Classroom Modernization team, brings more than 15 years of experience working in the K-12 industry, starting as an account manager and leading conversations related to Google Apps for education in K-12 districts. She currently supports the Classroom Modernization initiative, helping customers realize their vision for redesigned learning environment
Cari  Warnock

Cari Warnock

Education Ambassador
Cari Warnock, an education ambassador at CDW, has more than 20 years of public education experience. She forges alliances with various education organizations, striving to create equitable opportunities for all students. Previously, she worked as an education strategist for Dell Technologies and led Girls Who Game with Microsoft and Intel.