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Need Webex Calling and Contact Center Support? Use CDW Managed Collaboration Anywhere Services

With Cisco now requiring third-party support for its flagship collaboration platforms, CDW is ready with a services package to meet your needs.

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Cisco recently made it a requirement that any customer purchasing Webex Contact Center must also have a partner to handle their tier 1 and tier 2 (non-platform related) issues. To meet this need, CDW is excited to offer a Webex Calling/Webex Contact Center-focused Managed Collaboration Anywhere service as part of our extensive services catalog.

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We created three service packages that will work for any customer: basic, essential or premium. Also available are add-on options, such as our call experience testing or managing the network that the Webex services utilize.

Three Cisco Webex Calling/Webex-Contact Center Management Options

CDW’s service packages are largely based on an allotment of hours, which increase the higher the service you select. What is exciting for the customer is that you can use your hours for anything from fixing an issue to creating a call center script ― and everything in between. Here’s a breakdown of the packages:

Basic Package

This is for customers who are looking for the most economical option. It is ideal for customers who need minimal assistance managing their environment and simply need to appease the requirement of working with a partner for their Webex Contact Center solution. Customers at this tier may also desire some support that includes script changes and/or backup support. They may not foresee a lot of changes to their environment and don’t require customer success features such as regular cadence calls, ticket reviews, business reviews and more.

Essential Package

This one is intended for customers who are looking for a higher level of support in managing their Cisco Webex Calling and Contact Center environment. This service includes “move, add, change, delete” tasks (MACDs), script changes and our call experience testing service, which proactively ensures that calls into your contact center are functioning as expected. This package also includes support from CDW’s customer success team. We suggest this option for customers needing a little more support than Basic, but it still allows for the customer to have ownership of the environment.

Premium Package

This top tier package is intended for customers who want a fully managed solution that includes the highest amount of support hours. Customers can expect a large amount of MACDs, project hours and call experience testing, as well as customer success support. The premium package provides customers with the highest level of support.

SBC As a Service

After customers select the desired level of support, they have the option of adding CDW’s Session Border Controller (SBC) as a Service. This allows them to bring their public switched telephone network (PSTN) provider of choice and connect to our SBC to provide calling features. At this point, the customer is able to operate their calling and contact center exclusively in the cloud.

Network Management

In order to have an end-to-end solution, the last piece of the puzzle is managing the network that the Webex Calling and Contact Center services run on top of. CDW has an extensive catalog that covers many network components and, if desired, you can elect to have it managed with this service, in which case CDW would be able to manage your end-to-end experience.

Webex Calling and Contact Center Call Experience Testing

Finally, a new option we have made available is our “call experience testing solution,” which provides organizations with a real-time process to ensure the expected Cisco Webex calling experience for their customers is being met. Missing calls or calls not being directed correctly can have a big impact on a business, especially in today’s customer-focused business environment.

This service will call over the PSTN and go through automatic call distributor (ACD) call treatment, if desired, and end at a prompt. When initially set up, it records the expected response and if any subsequent calls preformed at a scheduled basis fail, an alert is triggered. There are multiple calling options, from a frequency perspective, available. Reports are generated and are provided to the customer on a weekly basis.

CDW’s goal with this portfolio is to provide you with options that fit your organization’s needs today and in the future. We hope that by providing multiple options, we can assure that the user experience will be optimal and tailored to your needs when using the Cisco Webex calling and contact center solution.